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Wednesday, 30 December 2015
So 2015 is drawing to a close. This makes me feel a little sad as 2015 has been a truly amazing year for me and I've had some amazing experiences with friends I'll never forget. Last year I wrote a post looking back on 2014 and I thought it would be nice to do another for this year. It's been amazing to read back 2014's post and see how much has changed. I bet that before I know it I'll be reading this as 2016 draws to a close!

January - January is generally always a good month for me because my birthday is January 20th. This year I finally turned 18! Being a 17 year old fresher for half the year is not fun. I had a really great flat party with all my friends. It was so much fun. I also started a new job in the pharmacy. I still work there now and it's probably the best job I've ever had.
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February - Edinburgh University hosts an 'innovative learning week' every February. It's basically a week off. I decided to 'learn innovatively' by going to visit my step sister in the lake distict. They're not close so I don't see them often, this was a really lovely trip! I also went and signed the lease for my second year flat which was a major weight off my shoulders.
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March - To be honest, when I think back I'm having to seriously think hard about whether anything exciting happened in March. I've had to had a look back at my Facebook to remember. It appears we had another flat party(resulting in some absolutely beautiful frapes), hung out with my friends a lot whilst in lab coats and visited the amazing Steak on stones. Looks like a great month, even if I struggled to remember it.
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April - April brought in the end of teaching for the semester. Classes were over for my first year of uni and it felt like it came in way too quickly. Over Easter I visited my favourite place on earth with my family: the Isle of Arran. It was an absolutely amazing trip. I just love island life. Cannot wait to return next year. The end of the month also signalled the start of exams. Which was an unwanted stress! And on the last day of the month I opened my Etsy store. What can I say, I like to keep busy!
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May - I look forward to the days where I don't heavily associate May with exams. But it was still a really good month despite all that. My exams went well and I also had quite a lot going on socially too. A few parties to end the semester before I moved back home. I felt quite emotional as I really enjoyed my year at uni and I wasn't looking forward to moving home and not seeing my friends for the summer. However, I did get promoted at work which meant I was doing more hours for the summer in a better position. I also got visited in Edinburgh by the lovely Beth and whilst the visit was brief we packed in so much and it was lovely to meet her.
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June - I was officially back home for the summer and whilst I was missing Edinburgh I was also working a lot which was actually such a relief. I went to Go Ape with some of my friends from home and had one of my best days of the summer up in the trees. It was so much fun and would recommend it to anyone who is interested! And we also had a staff night out where we went for dinner and then drinks. It was a lot of fun even if I felt a bit sore headed the next day.
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July - July was quite a hard month for me as I finished a long term relationship. I haven't talked about it much on my blog as I really don't think that's fair to him. Nothing nasty happened, things just fizzled out and I knew my heart wasn't in it anymore. My friends came back to Edinburgh for a quick visit and it was exactly what I needed. We got Chinese food and then climbed Calton Hill to drink cider at sunset. I couldn't help but feel like I was exactly where I was supposed to be in my life, even if I was still working things out.
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August - This month started off with the amazing Scot Blog Meet. It was all organised by my good friend Charlotte from Colours and Carousels and it was truly amazing. I got to meet so many amazing bloggers and also catch up with some others I've known for years! Generally I spent the rest of the month getting ready for my upcoming trip and moving back to Edinburgh. I also read a lot of books this month as shown by my reading wrap up!
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September - This was a very busy month for me. I spent the first four days of the month with my amazing friends in Geneva, Switzerland. It was the best holiday I've ever been on and in such a small space of time we saw some amazing things. Highlight of the trip was visiting CERN which I loved because I'm such a science geek. A few days after returning to Scotland I moved back to Edinburgh for the start of my second year of university. It took some getting used to the early mornings again but it felt great to be back at university again.
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October - October is always one of my favourite months. This year I went to two blogging events in October: Molton Brown and Ted & Muffy. Both were such lovely nights. I got to meet Leda who is an amazing blogger who goes to the same university as me. October can also be thought of as the month that I started dating again. Which had it's good points along with the bad! I also went to Glasgow to hang out with my blogging babes which is always a good idea.
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November - November seemed to be a pretty short month but when I look back on it I actually got quite a lot done. I started the month by going to see some fireworks on Calton Hill with my friends. That week I also went to the Light Show at the Edinburgh Botanical Gardens which was amazing. Unfortunately I didn't take any photos so I never blogged about it! I also wrote my first ever university essay. Which on the whole was an unpleasant experience but essays aren't my strong point so I'm very glad that I did it, and passed!
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December - December is a bit of a weird month as for the most part it starts off with AHHH EXAMS and then moves onto AHHHH CHRISTMAS. I was quite worried about my exams as I've found this semester to be a real big step up but when I was actually sitting the exams I felt quite confident with the questions. That being said I don't want to jinx myself! When they were over I came home and have been enjoying the festive period with my family. I've also been updating my blog design, I hope you all like it!
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All in all, 2015 was an amazing year. It was hard at times but there were so many amazing things going on as well. I grew and developed a lot as a person and I'm so grateful for all the wonderful people in my life and all the amazing opportunities that have came my say. 2016, you have a lot to live up to but I'm sure you'll be even better. 

I hope you all have a lovely new years! 

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