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Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Hello everyone. Today I'm teaming up with George at ASDA to talk about Christmas parties! Whilst it may seem like my life is one big ball of exam stress at the moment(like, seriously) this week I've got a few Christmas plans to help me relax and unwind. Last night was our Chemistry Society's Christmas meal which was Christmas jumper themed. We had a delicious three course meal and maybe one too many drinks on my part. Ooops. And on Saturday I have my staff night out with my work. We're going for a meal and then some drinks as well. Although it's a slightly more dress affair so I'll be dressing up a bit more fancy than that. George have some gorgeous party wear in at the moment but also lots of cosy Christmas jumpers. So whether you're celebrating Christmas with a big night out or a wee night in I'm sure they'll have something for you. Here are my tips for making the most of your Christmas party, whatever it is!

Wear something that makes you feel good - Whenever you look around for Christmas and New Year outfits everything is about glitter and sparkles and dresses. But you should wear what makes you comfortable. I've got this lovely sequinned dress* for my staff night out. We're having a meal and then going for drinks. For my chemistry society meal I wore this christmas tree jumper*. It's so soft but also quite thin so I didn't get too warm in it. No matter what you wear if you feel good about yourself in it you'll look great and more importantly, feel great. 

If it's a work thing, watch your drink - No one wants to be the overly drunk one at the Christmas night out that's blabbing all the things that no one needs to hear. I get along really well with all my colleagues but I think getting really drunk in front of them would still be a bit too far. Know how many drinks you can handle and stick to it. For me that's about three. Sometimes two. I'm a horrendous lightweight ok?

Take an emergency taxi fund - When I go out I always make sure that I have enough money on me to get a taxi home if need be. Normally £10 will do but it depends on where you are. I like to keep it on myself instead of in my bag/purse incase anything gets stolen. If your outfit has pockets then perfect but I've always found it easy enough to place a note in your bra/shoes. Alternatively plan travelling home with your friends/colleagues. For our staff night out on Saturday we're predrinking together and then sharing a taxi to the meal. Will really help reduce the cost!

Don't forget to have fun - I know I just said that if it's a work thing then you shouldn't be getting too drunk and I still stand by that but that doesn't mean you can't let your hair down just a little bit. It's Christmas, have fun. Eat good food, get merry and dance like no one's watching. 

What are your tips for Christmas parties? And what are you wearing to yours?

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