Things I Love About Christmas

Wednesday, 23 December 2015

  • The smell of a real Christmas tree. I do love our plastic one but the smell of a real one can't be beaten. 
  • Tacky Christmas jumpers. Sequins? Check. Sparkles? Check. Plays music? Even better.
  • Hilarious attempts at wrapping oddly shaped presents.
  • Having the excuse to eat lots of cheese.
  • Spending time with family.
  • Taking the dog out on a walk and delivering Christmas cards.
  • Fairytale of New York. Ultimate Christmas song. 
  • Edinburgh's Christmas market. 
  • Really cute wrapping paper. Extra points if it features dogs, penguins or really cute illustrations.
  • Brie and cranberry toasties(although I do enjoy these all year round).
  • Old Christmas decorations that are old and boring, but no one can bear to chuck out. 
  • ELF.
  • Michael Buble's Christmas album.
  • When someone buys you a present that is 'so you' that you realise just how well that they know you.
  • Not crying at any of the Christmas adverts ever because I'm cold hearted. 
  • Driving around town with my mum to see all the houses that go all out on their Christmas lights.
  • Snuggling with Batdog.
  • Christmas candles.
  • Getting a massive food baby and then lounging on the sofa after dinner. Drifting off into naps. I mean.... I nap nearly every day. But it feels much better with a full and happy stomach.
  • Mince pies.
  • Visiting family.
  • Hanging tinsel in every possible place.
  • Bailey's hot chocolate. 
  • Being so excited for someone to open their present because you know it's something that they're going to absolutely love!
  • Not being able to sleep on Christmas Eve like a child. 
What is your favourite thing about Christmas? Leave a comment and let me know! This will be my last blog post before Christmas. I'll be back on Boxing Day with some recipe ideas for using Christmas leftovers. I hope you all have a very happy holidays! 

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