4 Years

Saturday, 30 January 2016
4 years.

1033 blog posts.


170 countries.

Countless opportunities, meet ups and friends made.

In January 2012, fifteen year old me sat down and wrote her first blog post. It was a short, introduction that is probably the least helpful thing I have ever posted on this. But, it started something wonderful. Since then, I've never gone more than a few weeks without publishing a blog post. It's hard to describe but there's something therapeutic about sitting down with your laptop and letting all of the words out. I've always been quite a shy and introverted person. This has changed a lot since I started university but there are still times where I am still embarrassed by how painfully socially awkward I can be. But blogging gave me the chance to articulate on my thoughts in a way that I had control over. When I'm nervous I have a tendency to muddle up my words without even realising. But with blogging no one gets to read what I've written before I've planned out my words and proof read them. And that gave me a certain confidence that I ever had in person. I've never had anyone that I know in real life say anything nasty about my blog but one thing that someone said to me that's really stuck with me was 'I never knew you had so much to say'.

4 years later, so much has changed. Blogging has changed my life for the better. It's very easy to get wrapped up in the material side of blogging. Yes, blogging has gotten me a lot of free stuff. Jewellery, clothes, make up, dinners, trips, hotel stays etc etc. I used to keep a list of all the things I had received through my blog but honestly it got to be so much. But the real gem is the opportunities that blogging has given me and the people it has brought into my life. Some of my best friends are bloggers. In fact, I'm even going on holiday with one. Morag and I are going to Amsterdam on Valentines day and I am so super excited for it. Blogging has also changed me as a person. It's made me a lot more confident in myself and who I am. I don't feel like I have to take any steps to 'hide' the 'real me' on my blog and that it's somewhere I can totally be honest. And this has slowly, but surely, crept into my personal life. I would just like to thank everyone who has read my blog. Whether you read every post or just the odd post here and there. Thank you so much for your continued support. I really couldn't do it without all the love and support. 4 years in. I was a different person 4 years ago, and I can't wait to see who I am in 4 years time.

I may have stopped blogging by then but I don't think so. I still have so much more to say.

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