Lush Yog Nog Review

Monday, 11 January 2016

Hello everyone. Today I'm reviewing a bath bomb from Lush's Christmas collection. I know it's a bit late but I love writing Lush reviews and it may be helpful if this comes back next year. Judging how popular this bath bomb seems to have been I wouldn't be surprised if it does make a second appearance. To be honest, over the last two years I've felt a bit let down by the Christmas selection of Lush. This year, Yog Nog was one of the only things I was really excited about trying out. Yog Nog soap was a common item in their Christmas range before but I don't really like to use soaps so I was really pleased to see it in surprise form.

For some reason my bath bomb seemed to be particularly crumbly but it normally has a lovely pattern on the front. The scent though is where this bath bomb really comes into its own. This smells so warm and spicy. It's actually how I imagine butter beer smelling! And Harry Potter always makes me think of Christmas. Kind of sweet but also cinnamon-y and spicy. Definitely a perfect scent. When it was in the bath it also carried a strong scent. The bath bomb has a 'core' so the water goes a rather bright yellow/green colour which I really wasn't expecting. The bath bomb must also contain some oils or something as it was very moisturising!

I really enjoyed using this, definitely one of my favourite new Lush products for a while. I'm sad that this was only limited edition for Christmas but hope it will be back soon!

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