My Favourite Books of 2015

Tuesday, 5 January 2016
Hello everyone. I've picked out 6 of my favourite books of 2015 and I'm going to be sharing them. These are books that I read during 2015, not books that were written or published during the year! I did want to make this post 'my top 5 books of 2015' but I just couldn't narrow it down to 5! I've had a great year and read 56 books which personally I think is great. Before I used to read a lot faster but this year I think I really took my time with the books that I read which meant that I really savoured reading them. Hopefully I'll follow suit in 2016!

The Apple Tart Of Hope by Sarah Moore Fitzgerald - This book is just adorably sweet. It has a sort of magical realism aspect to it and the whole thing is very dreamy. It's very hard to describe but I don't think I've ever read anything like this and I am so glad that I decided to buy it. I'm not actually going to discuss its plot as I just find that some books are better if you start reading them without knowing what they are about. Just trust me and read this book.

The Opposite Of Loneliness by Marina Keegan - This was one of the books from our #sassybooks book club and you can see by full post about the book here. This is a collection of short stories and essays. It was the first non fiction book I'd read in a while and it was very refreshing. Of course there were some parts that I didn't enjoy but on the whole I really enjoyed this book and it's definitely one I'd recommend. 

All The Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doeer - This  is probably the best world war two novel that I've read since The Book Thief. And that's saying a lot because I bloody loved The Book Thief. This book is about two children growing up during WW2. A young blind girl who is forced to evacuate Paris and a German orphan who is put up through the Hitler Youth due to his talents in fixing radios. It was really touching and the writing style was so beautiful and descriptive. Read my full review here.

Only Ever Yours by Louise O'Neill - How awkward is it that I've mentioned 3 #sassybooks reads in a row? Well we seem to have really good taste. That's why you should join in with the book club ;). This was a totally amazing book. It's set in a futuristic world where women are bred and brought up in a school where they compete to get the spots as wives, the others are made into 'concubines'. It raises a lot of serious issues and I couldn't stop thinking about it. I think everyone should read this book and I will definitely be reading everything Louise O'Neill writes. Full post about this book can be read here

A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness - This book made me cry in Edinburgh Waverley Station. It's about a young boy who's mum has cancer. The idea was thought up by a writer, Siobhan Dowd, who unfortunately died of cancer before she could finish the book. Patrick Ness took over and completed the book so that Siobhan's story could be told. It's incredibly sad but it makes you value what you have. I saw Patrick Ness speak about this book at the 2014 Edinburgh Book Festival and I think hearing him speak about it before I read it really improved my reader experience.

Fish Out Of Water by Natalie Whipple - In this book the central character's estranged grandmother shows up. The family hasn't kept in contact with her as she is racist and wasn't happy about her son marrying an Asian woman. But she now has alzheimers and seemingly no where else to go so they take her in. This was a really heartwarming read and I really enjoyed it. I originally wasn't going to put this one in but when I looked back on it I could leave it out! Read my full review here.

Have you read any of these books? Hopefully I'll read some even better ones in 2016.

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