The Body Shop Coconut Body Butter and Scrub

Thursday, 7 January 2016

Coconut is definitely a hit or a miss with people when it comes to taste. Personally, I love it. And not only that, I love the scent. The smell of coconut feels so homey-y and comforting to me. I've tried minis from The Body Shop before and loved it. So when my granny bought me one of their coconut gift sets for Christmas I was really pleased. The set also included a shower gel, hand cream and body mist but in this review I'm going to be focusing on the coconut body butter and the coconut body scrub. For a reference the skin on my body can be very dry and itchy but most of the time is manageable and generally ok. 

I've reviewed body butters from The Body Shop before and they are just the best. I've tried lots of different brands but I really don't think any are better than these ones. Yes they are expensive but if you can get them on sale or cheaper in a gift set then they are definitely worth the money. The body butter is really thick but spreads easily on the skin. Compared to a lot of other butters/lotions they are absorbed into the skin fairly quickly which doesn't leave you feeling greasy or wet, you can basically get dressed straight away after applying them. I also find that the moisturising effect of these body butters lasts two to three days, even with showering. I love body butters but I find having to apply them after every shower really tedious and will often forget to use them. Obviously this is something that will vary depending on your skin so if you have very dry skin you might not find that the moisturising effects last as long.

Unfortunately I'm not as big as a fan of their body scrubs. I do enjoy using them when I receive them as gifts but honestly I wouldn't buy one with my own money. I like my scrubs to be quite exfoliating. The Body Shop's offering is far too gentle in my opinion and doesn't contain enough 'bits'. My absolute favourite scrubs are from Soap & Glory and these scrubs just do not compare. That being said, it is nice for every day use and if you had more sensitive skin then this would maybe be good for you! Just because it doesn't work for me, doesn't mean it won't work for everyone. 

Have you tried any of The Body Shop's scrubs or body butters? What's your favourite scent?

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