January Reading Wrap Up

Wednesday, 3 February 2016
Hello everyone! A bit late but today I'm sharing my January Reading Wrap Up. So far, I'm a little behind on my 2016 reading challenge but that's ok. I normally catch up in the summer months when I have more time to read! I read some good and bad books this month but I enjoyed most of them. I'm also yet to finish January's book club read, Quiet, because it's a reallllly slow read but I'm hoping to get it finished in February!

All of the Above by James Dawson* - Eugh. So I've read a few of James Dawson's books before and really enjoyed them. But honestly, this was a let down. I kind of feel like I'm outgrowing young adult fiction and I just didn't enjoy this. This is described at typical coming of age book but honestly I just found it a little annoying. The characters made me cringe with how hard they tried to be cool and I really had to force myself to carry on reading this. Oh and YA insta-love is a real problem here. I gave this 2/5 stars unfortunately. 

Ways To Die In Glasgow by Jay Stringer - So I bought this on a whim because a) it was cheap on Amazon and b) it's written by the lovely Lis's husband. This is a murder mystery book set in Glasgow. After my last disappointing read I got totally sucked into this one. It was amazing! I always think it's fun to read books set in cities you've been to and this was no exception. The story is told by a few characters but I liked the different narrative styles and found it very easy to follow. I read this in only a few days and really enjoyed it. If you are looking for a fun, fast, can't put down read I'd recommend this. 5/5 stars!

It's Not Me, It's You by Mhairi MacFarlane - This is February's #sassybooks read. I guess you could say that I'm getting ahead of myself. I've not even finished January's book yet as it is such a slow read. I started this as I was just really in the mood for something a bit more fun! I really enjoyed this but won't be discussing it any further until my book club post nearer the end of the month! 

Overall not the most productive reading month for me but I did really enjoy two of the books. Hopefully I'lll get Quiet finished in February! 

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