Lush Snow Angel Review

Friday, 12 February 2016

Hello everyone. Today I'm reviewing one of my last Christmas bath bombs: Snow Angel. I know that these products are no longer for sale but a lot of people, myself included, enjoy reading Lush reviews regardless and it will be helpful if this product is released this Christmas! Snow Angel is a very glittery bath melt. These are kind of like bath bombs but don't fizz as much in the water and generally are quite moisturising as they add a lot of oils to the bath. There are two layers. The top white layer and the bottom layer which is gold and absolutely covered in glitter. Because it's not Christmas at Lush without one extremely glittery bath product! 

Snow Angel has the same scent as Snowcake soap which has been a staple in Lush's Christmas collection for a few years now. It's quite a soft scent with lots of rose oil and I think there's either cocoa butter or shea butter in there too. It kind of reminds me of butter ball. This turned the bath water a really lovely yellow colour and added a lot of glitter to the water. Personally I prefer products with less or no glitter as the glitter sticks to the sides of the bath and you then need to clean it up! 

I did like this bath bomb but honestly it was a little underwhelming. I think I much prefer the bright colours and stronger scents of some of the other bath bombs so I don't think I would repurchase this over something like Shoot For The Stars or Yog Nog. But it's still nice and seems to be very popular from the other blog posts I've read! 

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