Treat YOURSELF for Valentine's

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Ah Valentine's Day. And importantly, my first single Valentine's Day in a while. Yes I have been kind of seeing someone but I won't be seeing them this Sunday and I don't really think we're at the point of thinking about celebrating it. So this year? I'm treating myself. This Sunday I'm actually jetting off to the Netherlands with one of my blogging BFFs, Morag, for three and a half days of exploring Amsterdam and absorbing Dutch culture. But even if you're staying at home you can still treat yourself to a good Valentine's Day! Single or not!

Flowers - I honestly never really used to be one for flowers. Both my mum and my gran are keen gardeners and we honestly always had flowers in the house when I was growing up and I guess I've always taken it for granted. But after moving into halls for a year I guess it was something I did miss a little. One of my current flatmates always tries to have a bunch of flowers in the flat and I really do think that it makes a big difference to my mood! This beautiful bunch* is from Debenhams Flowers who have a really lovely range of flowers in for Valentines. I really like that these aren't the typical red roses. The bright orange colours really stand out and lift my mood. Plus the lilies have opened since I took the photos and the smell is so strong!
If you'd like to treat yourself(or someone special) to some flowers then feel free to use my code: DFBLOG25 for a fantastic 25% off! 

Perfume - When you smell good, you feel good. My new scent is the Coconut Body Mist from The Body Shop. I absolutely love their coconut range(as you can probably tell from this blog post) so I am very pleased that I can smell like coconut-y goodness every day. This definitely isn't as strong as a perfume so I like to use it during the day to top up rather than spray on in the morning and go. It makes me smell like a bounty which leads onto my next point of chocolate fairly well...

Chocolate - Yeah ok, be a cliche. Plus if you're willing to wait you can buy discounted chocolate on Valentine's day. Are you telling me discounted chocolate isn't at least a little bit tempting? Luckily because of Christmas and my January birthday I actually still have a massive collection of chocolate that I have been slowly working my way through. 

Books - I've always been one for escaping into a good book at any time of year. But instead of a chick lit book why not try something else? I'd really recommend Where'd You Go Bernadette which tells the story of a young girl trying to find her missing mother by the means of texts, emails and letters. It's a really unique way to tell a story and is a really quirky book. I read it very quickly so you could easily get quite far through the book whilst snuggled up in bed with a hot chocolate or in a nice warm bath with a glass of wine. 

How do you treat yourself? 

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