2nd Year Flat - Room Tour

Monday, 21 March 2016
Rooms tours are some  of my favourite blog posts to read, I've done a few before both at home and my room in halls. But as I'm in second year now, I privately rent. It's pretty popular in a lot of other university cities to have a student house for your last few years of uni but in Edinburgh that's pretty much unheard of. There aren't really houses in the main part of Edinburgh and even then, they're mostly ridiculously expensive. I've had this flat since July but only properly moved in during fresher's week. The building is quite modern so unlike a lot of Edinburgh buildings it has lower ceilings which is great as it means it is much easier to heat. And the room is much bigger than my room in halls which is definitely a bonus. However, next year I'll be moving into a different flat. There are a few things about this flat that annoy me(mainly kitchen space) and I've found the letting agency to be really unhelpful. So I am actually really looking forward to moving out of this flat. I don't know what is is but I've just never felt as settled here as I did in halls. Maybe that's something to do with my flat being my first real place that was 'mine'. 

One of my favourite things about living in this flat is having a double bed. Whilst I really enjoyed getting the 'halls experience' there's just something so great about being able to starfish out in the middle of the bed. I also bought a memory foam mattress topper so it is so, so comfy. My aztec bedsheets are from good old Primark and are reversible which is always a plus! 

I do love this little desk set up that I have. Especially my giant periodic table that I got from Amazon. As a chemistry student it is really handy because whenever I need some information I can just look and it's there. And I also have some postcards from Geneva and the Edinburgh Science Festival which just helps decorate things a little. The desk has three drawers on one side and one drawer and a cupboard door on the other so it's got plenty of storage space. 

I keep some of the books that I need for uni more often in this geometric magazine file which is from Sainsbury's. Mainly my lab manuals, course handbooks and little notepads that I write to do lists in. Then I have my make up bag and small mirror but to be honest I don't really use these that often. I've basically stopped wearing make up and only really wear some liquid eyeliner if I'm going somewhere special. The textbook is my maths for science and engineering book from last year, I never use this anymore but I don't really have anywhere else to put it for now. 

This is the top of my chest of drawers. The dog picture is a holographic poster mounted on a wooden board. One of my friends got me it from my 18th birthday and I love it so much. It's totally cringy and I laugh every time I think about her buying me it. It also makes for an amazing snapchat face swap! I then keep my three 'chemistry bibles' here with some booze(typical student) and a photo of me and Charlotte from the Fabb Glasgow bloggers event. That was two and a half years ago which is crazy when I think about it! 

So this is the other side of my room which is definitely not as exciting. The door on the right just leads out into the hallway of our flat. The middle door is a cupboard/wardrobe and I have one of those coat hooks which goes over the door, really handy althought I tend to hang way too much on it. The door on the left actually leads onto the en suite. Yes, I have an ensuite. The height of poshness in student flats, check me. I have to admit I do love having this as it's so easy for showering etc and is probably the thing I'll miss the most about this flat. However, I survived first year with a shared bathroom, it's not the end of the world!

So there you have it! My humble abode. Obviously being a student flat it's not the most glamorous of rooms but I've made it my own! It's super cozy and the posters and photos I've decorated with really help make it feel a bit nicer. Honestly, I'm looking forward to moving out of this flat as our new one is pretty awesome but I think it's fun to document the way things are for just now. 

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