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Wednesday, 9 March 2016
Hello everyone. If you follow me on Instagram(please do!) then you'll know that I've booked a pretty exciting trip for this summer. I've never left Europe before but on the 16th of May I'll be getting on a plane in Edinburgh by myself and travelling to Canada. I'm flying from Edinburgh to Dublin and then from Dublin to Toronto. My first transatlantic flight will be with Aer Lingus(who provided me with the photo below). I've heard pretty good things about their service and I'm weirdly looking forward to the roughly seven hour flight! I'll be staying with family in and around Toronto. My main plans are to see the major tourist attractions, spend time with family and travel down the see Niagara Falls. I'll be there for 8 days and leaving on the 24th after celebrating Victoria Day(a Canadian holiday). 

Then I'm moving on into America. I figured that whilst I was in Canada that I might as well go to America too whilst I was over! I'm then flying from Toronto to Boston. Here I'll be staying with my fellow Edinburgh University student and blogger buddy Leda at her hometown which is 20/30 minutes from the main city. I'll be staying here for a few days. I'm looking forward to visiting the New England Aquarium, MIT, Harvard and learning lots about Boston's rich history. And then onto New York. I'm going to get a bus down but am considering making stops in Rhode Island and Connecticut on the way down so that I can see Brown and Yale. I don't know what it is but I really love visiting university campuses in foreign countries. NERD ALERT. One of my friends from university is going to speak to his family and see if I can stay with him. Fingers crossed that I can as staying with family/friends is taking the accommodation costs off of this trip which is making it much more affordable! I'll be staying in NYC for a few days and I'm going to try and fit in as much as possible. Seeing as it's the city that never sleeps I will hopefully get to lots and lots. I'm then flying home from New York on the 30th with Thomas Cook via Manchester. My flight doesn't leave until 9:30pm so I can squeeze in extra things on the last day. And maybe even sleep a little on the way home.

So that's my summer travel plans. I am so, so excited! If you've been to any of these cities then please leave me a comment with some recommendations. I want to see as many things as possible and eat as much amazing food as I can! 

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