Edinburgh Dungeons - Deadly Diseases

Thursday, 24 March 2016
Confession time: I am a wimp. A big ol' wimpy wimp. So despite having grown up right by Edinburgh and having liven in the city centre for the best part of the last two years, I have never ventured down to check out one of the city's most popular tourist attractions: the Edinburgh Dungeons. Last Thursday night they hosted a press night to celebrate the release of their new show, Deadly Diseases, which helps highlight some of Edinburgh's more gruesome history. I attended the event with a few other bloggers and was a little unsure of what to expect but ended up having an awesome night. 

When you first arrive at the dungeons you are taken into a court room where a judge sentences you for your crimes. Your punishment? You are to be sent into the deepest parts of the Edinburgh Dungeons of course! From here on you are shown through the dungeons through several different shows. Some are funny, some are down right terrifying. As I've already said I'm a total wimp so there were some points where I was really scared by what was going on. Using a combination of darkness, lighting, sound effects, actors and music the dungeons staff do a really good job of keeping you on edge the whole way through. Photography is banned during the tour which I think is perfect. It's very interactive so stopping to take photos would really ruin the experience. So the stock photos will just have to do!

But what about the new show? The Deadly Diseases show was quite a lot of fun. Definitely one of the funnier shows than a scarier one. It explores the diseases that have floated around Edinburgh and one unlucky member of the tour gets to visit the barber-surgeon's chair. Or should I say unlucky guest? The gift shop has also been done up to look like an old market street. This is really cool, you didn't feel like you were in a gift shop, just another part of the tour! 

Like I said, I'd never visited the dungeons before but I'm now really glad that I can say I've done it. When we were there the tour was at it's maximum capacity and it was definitely not too big a group, actually a really good number as it meant that everyone got 'picked on' at least once. The tour took 80 minutes but honestly you lose track of time. If you're looking for something to do in Edinburgh when the weather's a bit rubbish then this is the perfect way to kill some time whilst having fun. The tickets are available to buy in advance, the Deadly Diseases show is running until April 10th and the attraction is open 7 days a week.

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