Lush Spa Edinburgh: Tales of Bath

Saturday, 12 March 2016

Hello everyone. Recently I was invited down to the Lush Spa on Princes Street in Edinburgh for an exclusive event launching their Tales of Bath spa treatment. The Edinburgh Lush Spa has been open for a few years now and whilst it is tempting I've never gotten round to actually having a treatment there. So I was really looking forward to seeing the spa and learning some more about the new treatment. Tales of Bath was inspired by folklore surrounding the city's ancient baths. 

When we arrived at the store some nibbles had been laid out(always a plus) for us to snack on as we had a look around the store. I haven't properly had a nosy around Lush in a long time and there are actually a ton of new products out that I hadn't realised had been released. I'm definitely going back for a wee shop. We were then taken down for a tour of the spa itself. It's amazing how much it transports you. Hidden under the busy shopping street is the most relaxing spa decorated like an English country kitchen. They have really relaxing background music playing, you could literally be anywhere in the world and not know it. We all sat down with a cup of tea and were told the story and inspiration for the treatment. Then walked through the treatment rooms to see how it works. Tales of Bath starts with a seated body massage whilst listening to a really lovely poem written and performed by a 17 year old boy(on CD not in person, obviously). Then you are left to bathe in private. There's a special bath bomb designed for this which adds something special. The treatment is finished off with a full body, side lying massage. It looked so soothing!

Afterwards we were all given a hand and arm massage using the Therapy massage bar which is used in the treatment. This felt absolutely amazing and definitely helped me feel even more relaxed. We were all given one of the massage bars and a Yoga bath bomb in a little goodie bag so I'm looking forward to using it on myself at home. I was really impressed by the spa and how knowledgable the staff were about everything. I'm definitely going to go back and try out a full treatment for myself!

Thank you so much to the staff at Lush for a fantastic evening!

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