Tapas for One

Friday, 18 March 2016

Hello everyone. I was recently challenged by Alpha Rooms to cook up a Spanish storm in the kitchen. Alpha Rooms are an online travel agents that allows you to book hotels, flights etc.  They also have a great travel blog that contains lots of information about different destinations. Using this selection of Spanish recipes I got to work on designing myself a tapas meal but for one. I do love to cook but honestly I very rarely cook for others as it can make me feel very nervous. I have travelled to Spain a lot  when I was younger but I was such a picky eater that I never really tried very much Spanish food. It's only now that I'm older that I appreciate different cuisines a lot more. When I was in Amsterdam I tried a few things that I wouldn't normally go for but was pleasantly surprised by. Lets face it, the locals know it well. And on my trip to North America I plan on eating lots of great, local food as well! I've been to a few nice tapas restaurants in the UK and my favourite dish is definitely patatas bravas. Cubes of roasted potato with a spicy tomato  sauce. I also really love chorizo dishes in tapas restaurants so I thought I would combine the two by adding fried chorizo to the tomato sauce. It was really tasty and I would definitely make it again. 

For the potatoes:
Roughly chop one baking potato per person into small cubes and roast at 220 degrees Celsius for 30 minutes in olive oil and paprika.
For the sauce:
Fry some chopped chorizo, shallot and garlic under starting to brown, then add some chilli powder and roughly half a 220g tin of peeled and chopped tomatoes. Stir and then leave to simmer for 5-10 minutes until it is thick(this can get quite 'spitty' so I would really recommend using a lid if you have one for your pan!).

It was really delicious and was a great lunch to fuel myself through a weekend day in the library! 

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