Brunch at All Bar One

Friday, 29 April 2016
Breakfast has always been my favourite meal of the day. But brunch makes a pretty strong argument. Perfect if you want a lazy snooze in bed before getting out for a bite to eat. I was invited along to try out the brunch menu at All Bar One and I took along Leda from Small Girl, Bigger World with me. Bloggers who brunch has quite a nice ring to it doesn't it? All Bar One has many branches but we were eating at the 29-31 George Street bar in Edinburgh. Perched right in the city centre it's only a few minutes away from the shops. The George Street area is a little more high class and the bar definitely reflected this. The bar was light, open and airy. With the spring sunshine coming through the large windows and high ceilings it was definitely the perfect place to catch up over brunch. The menu is quite extensive and has several vegetarian options so after a quick peruse I settled on the pancakes and Leda opted for huevos rancheros.

The buttermilk pancakes come with strawberries, banana, raspberries, blueberries and maple syrup. You can add an extra of smoked back bacon if you wish and I most certainly did wish. This was delicious. The pancakes were light and fluffy and the bacon was cooked crispy - just how I like it. The sweet flavour of the fruit and the syrup works really well with the smokey, almost salty, crispy bacon. If I could say one thing it would be that I would have appreciated a little extra syrup as I really love to drown my pancakes in maple syrup. Although I'm sure if I had actually asked for some they would have provided. To accompany my brunch I went for a pineapple juice which was perfect & refreshing. They have a selection of brunch cocktails but I declined because I had to go back to the flat and study. Some other time!

My friend Leda ordered the huevos rancheros. That's scrambled eggs with coriander, avocado, black bean salsa, pineapple and habanero ketchup with grilled tortillas. She said that she really enjoyed it and that the avocado and salsa were really fresh. The pineapple and habanero ketchup was really different and added something a little bit special to the dish. Eggs aren't my favourite thing so this isn't something I would go for on a menu but it definitely is something a little bit more interesting than your standard cooked breakfast. Leda also had a plain black coffee which came served with a shot of smarties. A little bit weird but it's a pretty cute touch!

Overall, All Bar One gets a big thumbs up from me. The atmosphere was lovely, the bar felt so big and open giving it a slightly classier edge on the studenty places I normally visit. I'll definitely be returning to try out a lunch or a dinner. They have a weekly set menu of 2 courses for £10 from 5pm Sunday - Thursday which is an amazing deal. A big thank you to All Bar One for inviting me along and if you want to read their menus you can find them here

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