Cocktails at Juniper Edinburgh

Thursday, 7 April 2016
Juniper is a hotel bar on Princes Street, Edinburgh. With a fantastic view of Edinburgh and a high end feel it's a great place to celebrate a special occasion or even just treat yourself. I was invited along to their cocktail launch evening two weeks ago as they were launching their spring cocktail menu. I definitely cannot say no to some cocktails! I headed down with a friend from university as my plus one and we met Fiona there. We got to try out some of the new cocktails and have a good chat. The bar was lovely and had very sleek, modern feel. The atmosphere was great and it was very busy and got busier as the night went on, although eventually we found the music got just a little too loud. We tried three cocktails over the course of the night and here's what we thought.  

The first cocktail that we had was a rosemary Tom Collins, which was a nice twist on the classic. I'm a big gin fan so this is definitely something that I can get on board with. The rosemary flavour was really prominent and added a nice touch to the cocktail. It was also very refreshing and would be a nice cocktail to have over lunch. I heard someone say that it tasted like spring and whilst that's hard to describe, I definitely agree. 

The next cocktail was my favourite out of the lot! The Russian Roulette is a lovely, fruity cocktail. Made with orange and raspberry vodkas, elderflower liquor, lemon, gomme and a fresh raspberry. Everyone really loved this one. Definitely something that I would order again. Like the first cocktail it was also very light and refreshing. 

To finish off we had an Old Spice: Jack Daniels, orgeat, angostura bitters, fresh lime and soda. This was a bit of a strange one although a whisky based cocktail will always divide a group. The Jack Daniels taste was very strong at first but the more I adjusted to it, the more I liked it. Maybe not something I would order again but definitely something I would recommend to a whisky fan!

Overall I was really impressed with the cocktails at Juniper and the general vibe of the bar. With a terrific view over Edinburgh it was a lovely place to spend the evening. A little bit more expensive and not something I could do on a student budget but I would love to come here to celebrate a birthday or graduation etc. 

What's your favourite cocktail? 

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