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Sunday, 10 April 2016
It's been over 4 years since I first started blogging. And ever since I've been taking it a bit more seriously I've been tracking my stats and numbers. Blogging definitely shouldn't be a numers game but if you're trying to grow your blog then tracking your stats can really help figure out what works and what doesn't. I normally just write this down in a notebook but lately I've seen a few bloggers I follow ( Forever Amber and Skinned Cartree) write out full posts where they explore their stats. I really enjoy reading this sort of post because I find it really helpful to see what sort of stats other blogs are getting and because I'm just generally really nosy. So I thought it was about time that I tried writing one myself. If you enjoy this type of post then leave me a comment and I might try and make it a regular thing. 

March Pageviews: 16'128 // February Pageviews: 12'228

So as you can see I've had a massive increase in blogging this month (almost 4k, wow). This is down to a few different things:
1) I've gotten back into a regular blogging pattern this month. One post every third day. It's not exactly daily blogging but it's still regular, new content. I've not had any amazingly popular posts but have focused on promoting older posts.
2) Scheduling Tweets. Before I would always schedule tweets for days that new posts went live on but would often forget for those in between days. Now I've been scheduling tweets linking older posts on these days. I've also started scheduling tweets overnight which is really helpful and adds an extra 50 or so pageviews to my blog every day.
Generally I'm happy with this amount of views and would just like to keep it up or even slightly increase. I've started adding read more sections to my blog homepage so this may increase my views without me using any new promotional techniques.

Goal for next month: 17k views?

Twitter Impressions: 175.9K // Follower count: 2'216 (+140)

Twitter definitely seems to be one of those platforms where people can grow their following really quickly. I on the otherhand, seem to struggle with it. March was actually quite a good month for me in terms of Twitter so I'm quitte chuffed with that. I've gained most of my followers from being more active in Twitter chats when I have the time so this is definitely something I'll have to try to keep up in the future. I've set myself the goal of hitting 3'000 followers by the end of the year and to do so I need to gain roughly 90 followers per month. So March was above target which helps considering I didn't reach that target in January or February. 

Goal for next month: +200 followers. 

Countries viewed in: 87
Most popular countries: UK, USA, Canada, Australia and the Netherlands.
Most unusual countries: Serbia, Burkina Faso, Saudi Arabia and Guadeloupe.

I don't have any particular goals with how many countries my blog is viewed in, I just find it really interesting to look at. My blog has been viewed in most countries at least once but I would love to eventually say that my blog has been read in every country. I've cracked a lot of weird ones like Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan but I still have Greenland and most of Central Africa to go. Like seriously, if you know anyone who lives in Greenland send them 50 links to my blog. I'll be forever grateful ;) 

Goal for next month: Greenland, I will get you.

Top traffic sources: Google, Pinterest, Twitter, Bloglovin', Facebook.

Like countries, I don't have any particular goals as to where my traffic is coming from. Just that I'm, you know, getting it. However, I have been slacking with sharing my posts in Facebook groups this month. So in April I would like to try and remember to do this with every new post. 

Top viewed posts:

1) I've Opened an Etsy: This post does really well on Pinterest so it's no surprise that it was my most viewed post of the month. In fact, it's fast becoming one of my most viewed posts, ever. The photos of the items themselves do really well on crochet boards so that's an indication that if I write more crochet posts then they will likely do well on Pinterest too.

2) Big North American Adventure: This post contains my travel plans for the summer. I'm travelling to Toronto, Boston and New York City and it will hopefully be a lot of fun! I can understand why this post does well as I think it's quite interesting. I've noticed via buffer that whenever I tweet out this post it gets more link clicks than normal which is probably where all the views are going. I can't wait to go on the trip and hopefully when I blog about it those posts will be successful as well.

3) Brunch at Southpour: After attending the brunch launch of a new Edinburgh restaurant I blogged about it. It was retweeted a lot by both the restaurant and the Edinburgh bloggers twitter account so has gained quite a lot of interest. This post is also really photogenic as the decor in the restaurant is gorgeous. Generally the nicer the photos, the more popular a post will be. 

4) Edinburgh Dungeons- Deadly Diseases: I'm really glad this blog post has done well as it was honestly one of the best blogging events I've been to. Showing off the new show at the Edinburgh Dungeons and getting terrified in the process. The Dungeons linked this a lot on their social media and I also added it to the Scotland forum on Reddit to help boost the views. 

5) 2nd Year Flat Room Tour: Lets face it, people are nosy. Room tours are always popular. 

And that concludes a month on my blog! Let me know in the comments what you thought of this post.
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