Tuesday, 19 April 2016

OOTD: Lions and Tigers and Boots

Shirt - H&M // Necklace - Forever 21 // Skirt - Miss Selfridge // Boots* - Ted & Muffy // Bag - Fossil // Watch - Olivia Burton 

When you hang out with another blogger you can't not get them to take some photos with you! A few weeks ago I met up with Charlotte in Glasgow for a blogging event and we took a little wander down to the river Clyde where this absolutely amazing tiger street art is. What a great background for some photos right? I'm really liking this style of shirt from H&M. I have it in a grey geometric pattern as well. It's a little bit smarter but still casual and is so comfortable. The photos don't really do it justice as it's being blown about by the wind (it is Scotland after all). My new boots are from Ted & Muffy. I actually got these in November after their blogger event but as they are suede I was saving from the springtime. The heel is a little higher than I'm used to but I'll get there. The bag was also a belated birthday gift from two very generous friends and I am totally in love with it. The colour is just perfect and the bag holds exactly what I need.

Generally, I feel like my blog has gotten a little impersonal recently. Which I'm not very happy with. I think this is because I used to share relatively frequent OOTD posts where I would use the text of the post to just sort of dump my thoughts. But OOTD posts just really aren't my thing at the moment. Because A) I very rarely shop anymore so don't have much to show and B) since moving out it's been hard to find somewhere/someone to take photos. So I'll have to find some other outlet for sharing more of what I've been up to lately. Because, you know, this whole blog clearly isn't enough....

As we currently stand, the semester is over. Which means that the only thing standing between me and the sweet freedom of the summer is those pesky exams. -gulp- Honestly I have definitely been feeling the pressure this semester. My health really took a turn for the worst this semester which is something that I may or may not blog about. I haven't made up my mind 100% yet. And as a result I've been in a lot of pain which has been disrupting my sleep. Not great. Things are beginning to get sorted and whilst I'm relieved that tests have so far came back pretty positive that doesn't erase all the worry and stress of waiting for the results. Also something pretty bad happened in my personal life just before the semester started which kind of knocked me off my game and left me feeling quite inexplicably anxious. Not the best. But just learning to work past things and becoming a better person  whilst trying to focus on the positive. I know what you're thinking. HOW CRYPTIC CAN YOU GET HAYLEY JEEZO. Sorry.... All will be revealed. Well. Not all. Some. 

But despite all this. I think I stand quite a good chance at doing well in this semester. I've had some A) really good lecturers and B) really interesting courses this semester so I've actually really enjoyed the majority of the examinable content which is always a bonus. I've always found revision much less of a chore for subjects I actually like. And then summer! I'll be starting it off with my North American tour which I am really looking forward to. I have most things sorted out now I just need to book travel insurance and a bus from Boston to NYC. I've also started planning out what I'm going to be doing in each city I visit which is making me even more excited. And after returning from New York I'll be working full time for the summer like I did last year. Over the last few months I've been working on a qualification and it looks like I'll be a fully qualified pharmacy dispenser. Started from the bottom now we're here right? This means that when I'm working I'll have more responsibilities, more hours and also a higher wage (never a bad thing right?). I really enjoyed working last summer as I work with some really great people. Strangely, I'm looking forward to getting back into the routine of the Monday-Friday. 

Wow. Talk about letting it all out huh? If you've read all the way to the end of this post then give yourself an extra pat on the back and some brownie points!

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