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Saturday, 16 April 2016
 If you can't tell, I've recently gotten back into blogging after straying from it due to university. I've been trying really hard to keep writing and have been managing to stick with my schedule of a post every 3rd day. It's far from the daily blogging I used to do but it's much more manageable. So to keep up the page views I've been working harder to promote my blog so that people are still reading even on the days when I'm not posting new content. This is something that I'm constantly working on improving. I'm obviously not a blogging expert -no one is- but after nearly 4 1/2 years of blogging I think it's fair to say that I'm pretty experienced. The blogging world is constantly changing and you really need to stay on top of this to effectively market your blog. But here is what is working for me at the moment:

1. Twitter.
Twitter is every blogger's best friend. With millions of users it's really easy to find yourself with a really wide audience. I'm not the best person to advise on using Twitter as my 2.2k followers doesn't really compare to many other bloggers who have twice that. But Twitter is still one of my biggest traffic sources. I use a mixture of Buffer and Hootsuite to schedule my tweets. I do tweets every 2 hours between 10am and 8pm and then a few every night. I've only recently started scheduling tweets at night but found it helpful and increases page views by about 50 per day(every little helps). I also sometimes schedule regular tweets if I know I'm having a busy day and might not have time to. But the really goal with Twitter is to interact with other people and create good friendships. You can find other bloggers via various Twitter chats but my favourites are #thegirlgang Monday 6-7pm and #lbloggers Wednesdays and Sundays 7-8pm. Generally the main tips for Twitter are to be friendly, yourself and to try and chat to as many people as possible!

2. Facebook groups. 
I've personally never found my blog's Facebook page to be very successful. Which is why I didn't include it in my social media buttons when I updated my blog design. It just doesn't seem worth the effort. But there are Facebook pages that you can join and I've really enjoyed promoting my posts in these. If you search bloggers into FB then you'll find a tonne but my favourites are Scottish Bloggers and UK Bloggers. I'd also recommend finding groups that aren't specifically for bloggers and sharing related posts there. Over the summer when I was writing regular Student Sundays posts I joined lots of Facebook groups for university freshers and shared my posts in these groups. I got an insane amount of traffic from this and gained a few regular readers. And most importantly I got a lot of comments from people thanking me for the posts and it made me really happy!

3. Pinterest. 
Pinterest is definitely one of those platforms that splits bloggers in half. Some of us love it and some people can't get it to work for them. I've had Pinterest for a few years and it's definitely something you need to put some work into. Personally, I've always found that 'helpful' posts are much more successful on Pinterest. The real secret is that you only need a few posts that do well on Pinterest for it to work for you. For example, my crocheting posts do really well. I've written a whole post here about Pinterest and how to use it to its maximum potential. But generally pins with well written descriptions, vertical images with text overlays that help the reader do something will do well. 

4. Reddit.
This is a bit of a weird one and one that I've still trying to get to grips with. Reddit is like an online forum where people share links to things from other websites. There are certain pages where people share things from a specific topic like 'Recipes', 'Foodporn', 'Lakeporn' etc. If I feel like one of my posts matches a board then I'll share it. Because Reddit has so many users I've found it to be quite a successful way to share my posts. But be careful as each page has it's own set of rules about what you can and cannot share and you don't want to end up getting reported by breaking the rules!

5. My personal Facebook page. 
Not something I like to do often as I feel like it would get very spammy and annoy my friends but I have found that sharing blog links on my personal Facebook page directly leads to a big increase in traffic. I did this with my blog posts about my trips to Amsterdam and Leiden. Because people are really nosy! I'll share posts about things that are really important to me or things like my travel posts because I know these are the sorts of things that people I know in real life will want to read/hear about it. Most people from my hometown know about my blog but it's new to a lot of my university friends and I definitely see a big increase in views from Edinburgh. Exploiting people's natural curiosity(nosiness) isn't necessarily a bad thing if it helps you out!

Those are my tips for promoting your blog. There's always something extra you can be doing to get yourself out there. What is your best tip?

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