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Thursday, 30 June 2016
I've had my eye on Bread Meats Bread for a long, long time. They opened in Glasgow a few years ago and I really fancied it but just never got round to visiting it. And I knew that when they opened their Edinburgh store I'd have to go and give it a go. A few weeks ago I met up with a high school friend for lunch during exam season to comfort eat some of the stress away. Now this friend is a picky eater but had eaten at Bread Meats Bread before and was absolutely raving about it so I knew it was going to be a good one. Their 'Luther Burger' - a double bacon cheeseburger served inside a glazed donut has made it's rounds of the Edinburgh Instagram scene and I had my sights set on it. 

We arrived at the restaurant at 11:30 am as my friend had to leave for a family break quite early. We were the first ones in the place but by the time our food arrived the restaurant was so full that they were turning away customers. So if you'd like the visit Bread Meats Bread then I'd really recommend going early as they don't take bookings! The menu is so big and they have other things that aren't burgers as well. My friend doesn't eat meat so she ordered a plain grilled cheese sandwich although they do have a selection of vegetarian burgers too. I was tempted by so many things on the menu but I'd already settled on the Luther burger. We also ordered a side of chips to share as we didn't want to eat too much as it was quite early. 

The Luther Burger
"Double smashed burger with American cheese, candied bacon, spicy beef mayo and crispy onions inside a grilled glazed ring donut."

Oh. My. God. I have to say that this was genuinely one of the best things I have ever eaten in Edinburgh. Seriously. It was amazing. The donut didn't fair very well for picking up. This was a knife and fork deal definitely! Whilst it might not initially sound like the best combination, the donut bun works really well. The sweetness of the glaze really brings out the savoury taste of the meat and cheese. It's just magic. Seriously think everyone should try this at least once because it was such a dream. My friend also really enjoyed her grilled cheese sandwich and it did look really crisp and tasty. The chips were really good! They were very salty which I personally really like but I know some people might find that a bit off putting. 

Bread Meats Bread can be found at 92 Lothian Road and is also available for delivery on Deliveroo which recently celebrated it's first birthday in Scotland. Yay! There's so much on the menu and I'll definitely return to try out something new. Also a lot of the burger names are Edinburgh related puns which gets another thumbs up from me.

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