Lake Huron, Lake Erie & Western Ontario

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

I spent my last few days in Canada staying in London, Ontario. Despite growing up in the UK, I have never actually visited London, England and I think it's wonderfully ironic that I visited the Canadian London first. They even have a river Thames. Which I imagine is much more idyllic than the English equivalent. We travelled up here during the day on Friday stopping for a stroll in Stratford (also has a River Avon) which is a tiny picturesque town in Ontario with a pretty big theatre. I also found out after visiting that it's Justin Bieber's home town. Not what you'd expect from the photos is it?! We also stopped in New Hamburg for lunch where we had the most amazing soup in a cafe called Meme's. I had sweet potato, ginger and coconut soup with cheese muffin(scone type thing) and it was absolutely delicious. Since I have gotten home I've actually tried to replicate the soup with this recipe and I'm pretty impressed! After that we travelled on to London. After we arrived I got to meet some more of the family. London is where my grandad's aunt and uncle moved to when they emigrated so it's where most of the family still live. 

On the Saturday we got up and drove out to Port Stanley which is a little town on the banks of Lake Erie. Lake Erie is the most southern of the great lakes in Canada and when we visited it was quite a grey day. After getting burnt I was actually quite glad to get out of the sun for the day. Lake Erie was definitely the calmest of the lakes that I saw and it was really nice to just walk along the beach. Although I misjudged the water at one point and totally soaked one of my feet.

We stopped at a little diner called Mackie's for lunch. I tried the Lake Erie yellow perch which is the fish the lake is kind of famous for. It was delicious and made a nice replacement for cod/haddock in fish and chips. And also I totally love how in Canada/US iced tea is basically available at all restaurants. Considering how much the brits love tea you really think we'd be more on board with that huh? They also had the best fries I had on the whole of my trip, the USA included. 

I had a very busy day on the Sunday! We went out to Sarnia which is on Lake Huron near the US/Candian border to meet some more family. After this we went down to the lake for a walk. Again my feet got soaked but it was still a lot of fun. Lake Huron is the largest of the great lakes and it was amazing to see. The water was the most gorgeous blue/green colour and the waves were so strong. The spray coming off the rocks was much more than I would expect from a lake. I went down to the water and took some little stones for my gran's rock garden back home, anyone else have weird traditions like this? We then drove over the the Bluewater Bridge which is the point of the US/Canadian border. We couldn't pass as neither of us had our passports but we had a nice little walk and again some more french fries. Pretty great! I have to say Canada actually won on the fry front, sorry America. 

Bet you didn't expect to see that picture there did you? The relatives we were staying with in London both ride Harley Davidson motorcycles and on my last night I got to ride on the back. We went off for about an hour around the countryside surrounding London. My relatives used to work there so that's where we went to see their old house. That night was also the night before Victoria Day which is a national holiday in Canada. So we went round to another relative's house to have a barbeque and watch the fireworks. It was a really lovely night. And my favourite part was when the dog escaped from the dogsitter's garden up the road and gatecrashed the party. Obviously.

On our last morning we went on a walk to this lovely pond through the woods. It was a really hot day but it was nice to get some fresh air and work up a sweat. After a busy week it was a nice end to the trip. Later that afternoon we drove back to Oakville and after dinner I had an early night to prepare myself for my flight to Boston the next day.

This is probably my last Canada blog post for a while but I'll try to get the rest of my travel pictures up soon. Next location: Boston, Massachusetts!

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