Niagara Falls

Friday, 3 June 2016
So my time in Canada has come to an end. I still have another week left of travelling through the US before returning to Scotland as I write this. Due to being a stress-ridden traveller I have approximately two hours free in this tiny airport so I thought I'd start writing my blog posts about my time here in Canada. It's been an amazing trip and honestly one week was nowhere near long enough. I've seen so many different things, met many amazing people and eaten a considerable amount of food (very little of which was healthy). That makes it very hard to put the experience into words but I guess we'll start with Niagra Falls. Typical Canadian tourist spot and exactly where I headed first. 

Last Tuesday I woke up, only slightly jet lagged, for my first morning in Canada. I was staying with relatives in Oakville, a smaller town outside of Toronto so we drove to the falls. There was a lot to see on the car journey and my relatives were very knowledgable about the area and were great tour guides. We arrived at the falls around 12pm after stopping to see the Niagara Flower Clock. I've seen a few flower clocks around (even Edinburgh has one) but they do make for some lovely photos. 

I had already decided that I wanted to go and see the falls from one of the boat tours. We went on the Hornblower which is a quick ride past both sets of falls. I would seriously recommend this as you truly get to experience the power of the falls. They're impressive from the view points but it wasn't until I was standing on the boat, feeling the force of the spray myself that I realised just how powerful they really are. Thank god for the ponchos! A beautiful experience and it was actually a really sunny day. Unfortunately, it was cloudy when we had left the house and being an idiot I left my sunscreen behind. I ended up getting quite sunburnt on my nose and forehead and it's only really beginning to heal now. If you're travelling the Canada in the spring/summer I really would not recommend underestimating the weather. Ever. 

There were a lot of restaurants around but they all seemed pretty busy so we decided to circle back and grab lunch on the way back to Oakville. We stopped first at the Queenston Heights Restaurant. The service was absolutely top notch. This place has an amazing set of staff and they should really be proud to have such great workers. I had the gnocchi carbonara. Having never tried gnocchi before I was excited to try it out and it did not disappoint! The view from the restaurant was terrific as well. The Brock Monument was nearby so I climbed up it. The view from the top was terrific even if it was a pretty hefty climb. 

What a great way to spend my first day in Canada. Expect to see a lot more posts about my trip over the next few weeks although I will try and add them in amongst general content. If you'd like to see more photos before then then you can follow me on Instagram.

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