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Saturday, 30 July 2016
When Water Painted Dreams was started (4.5 years ago - wow) it was primarily a beauty blog. But as I've changed my blog has changed with me and I very rarely post about beauty products anymore. Not that I don't use them (although I rarely wear make up these days) but because I've found my favourites and don't really feel the need to branch out. Every now and then though, I do purchase something new. I thought I'd write a little post about some of the products I've been loving recently as I do kinda miss writing about products from time to time. To the best of my knowledge all of these products are not tested on animals and vegan suitable! Also the most expensive thing here is £15.50 so none of these will break the bank.

The Library Of Fragrance Orange Blossom - I received this as a Christmas present but now it's a staple in my summer fragrances. This isn't the typical orange scent with it being the blossom and not the fruit. It's much muskier which I like in a fragrance and I really love it. It's not the strongest so I do feel I need to reapply it halfway during the say but it's also not the most expensive perfume so I don't mind about having to do that. I also received the peach one at the same time and I loved it so much that I've already used it all up. These are £15 each but almost always on a two for £25 offer in Boots. Once I've finished this I think I'll get some more. Got my eye on fresh laundry. Let me know if you've tried any and what scents you like.

Soap & Glory The Righteous Butter - I wrote a full review of this on my blog a long time ago but I've been using it again after I got a few tubs over Christmas. This body butter is thick but I don't find it to be sticky and it easily sinks into the skin. If you've ever had a Soap & Glory product then you'll know that they have a signature scent and this product is no different. It's sweet but not over powering and lasts well on the skin after application. My skin is usually drier over the summer months and this is really helping me combat that. 

Meraki Walnut Scrub* - I'd never heard of Meraki until I was approached by a PR from Trouva, an online store that showcases small businesses. And I'm really glad I know about them now! All of the products are vegan and not tested on animals which is right up my street. The scrub has a really fresh, dewy scent which is really invigorating. I can't pin it down but it almost smells like being outside after it's just finished raining. The ground walnuts make for great scrubbing particles. Normally I use a shower scrub before washing with shower gel. But this scrub lathers as you rinse it so it becomes like a shower gel. So it's almost a two in one product.  I love using this in a morning shower as it wakes me up so much! The scent also stays on the skin for quite a while which is a nice bonus considering I love the smell.

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Cannes - After NYX launched in Glasgow I couldn't not pick one of these up. I swatched a fair few of the shades but I settled on Cannes as I wanted something noticeable but still nude-ish. They dry matte and have a nice finish. They don't last as well as an actual lipstick but I don't mind having to reapply after eating etc. I just love the way that this applies, the way it feels when it's on and the shade. Whenever I wear this people compliment it. Also these smell like marshmallows. I mean, who wouldn't want a lip product that smells like marshmallows?! I definitely want to try more shades of these so if you have a favourite then please leave me a comment letting me know what it is!

Lush Salted Caramel Hand Scrub - This is a relatively new product to Lush and I have to say I'm really impressed. I used a similar scrub from Crabtree & Evelyn for a while but it was very expensive for what it was. This is a lot cheaper and is very similar so a big win for me. Hand scrubs make your hands much smoother and when you use them before a hand cream it means that it sinks into the skin better. This doesn't actually have a coconut scent it just contains coconut oil. Part of me wishes the smell was stronger but I know that Lush won't add synthetic scents to products like this if they don't have to!

Have you tried any new products recently? What would you recommend?

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