US Crochet vs UK Crochet Cheat Sheet

Monday, 18 July 2016
One thing that I've wanted to introduce into my blog is more crochet related content. If you follow me on Instagram, you'll already know that I'm a keen crocheter. But I don't really feel like my blog reflects that. One of the first things that I'm bringing in is this cheat sheet/printable to help you differentiate between US and UK crochet terms. If you're learning to crochet then you'll probably have noticed that they're different - which can be really confusing to a beginner! 

When starting a new pattern the easiest way to save yourself any confusion it to check to see if it specifies. Most patterns will state this either at the beginning or right at the end of the pattern. If you're using a physical crochet book, check where it was published. Over time, it becomes easier to spot the difference. Now I can generally tell just by looking at a crocheted item whether it's UK or US based. Despite being Scottish, I actually find the US crochet terms more simple. They make more sense in my head (where is the single crochet in UK crochet?) and because I taught myself online, most of the resources I was using were US based. 

US Terms  UK Terms
Chain(ch)  Chain(ch)
Slip Stitch(ss)  Slip Stitch(ss)
Single Crochet(sc)  Double Crochet(sc)
Double Crochet(dc)  Treble Crochet(tc)
Half DC(hdc)  Half TC(htc)
Treble Crochet(tc)   Double TC(dtc)
Increase(inc)  Increase(inc)
Decrease(dec)  Decrease(dec)
Front Post(fp)  Front Post(fp)
Back Post(bp)  Back Post(bp)
Front Loop(fl)  Front Loop(fl)
Back Loop(bl) Back Loop(bl)
Gauge  Tension
Light Worsted  Double Knitting
Worsted   Aran
Skip  Miss

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Happy crochet!

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