Isle of Arran 2016

Sunday, 14 August 2016
Earlier in the year I visited the Isle of Arran with my family. If you've read my posts about our visit last year then you'll know that it's a special spot for my family. We go there as often as we can and my grandad's ashes are scattered there. Unfortunately for our trip this year the weather wasn't as great so it wasn't as action packed as the 2015 trip. But that doesn't mean that we still didn't have a great time. We went around Easter time so it was nice to be able to get away from the stress of uni and exams for a bit. Obviously I've been meaning to schedule this post for a while I just got distracted by going to Canada...

One of my favourite things about visiting the island is that it's a lovely break from the hustle and bustle of Edinburgh city life. Whilst I do love Edinburgh it's sometimes nice to get away from it all. Most parts of the island don't have signal and the wifi in the hotel is patchy at best. Makes a nice break from both the city and the internet. Whilst I love blogging and social media it's important to spend some time away from it. 

The hotel we stay in looks out across Blackwaterfoot bay to the Mull of Kintryre. The sunset is amazing and something that I'll never get tired of watching. Made 100% better when running into the waves with my dog at my side.

Arran holds a lot of happy memories for me and it will always be my happy place. 

Where's your favourite place?

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