Mimi's Bakehouse, Edinburgh

Tuesday, 23 August 2016
With three locations and an online store Mimi's Bakehouse is taking Edinburgh by storm. They've been on my radar for a while and I had been intending on trying out their afternoon tea but I ended up making a spontaneous trip there with Charlotte, Lis and my flatmate, Rebecca, when Lis and Charlotte were in town for the cat cafe. We got the bus down to Leith where the original bakehouse is. It was late afternoon on a Saturday and we did have to queue for a table but the queue moved quickly. Seeing how busy it was was a fairly good indication of what was yet to come and we got to have a peek at their cute decorations before sitting down. 

 Mimi's has a really cute, quirky decor sense. With lots of bunting, artwork and decorations. They also have a selection of things for sale in case you want to take anything home with you. It was really busy but there were quite a few groups in for afternoon tea and after they had left the bake house really quietened down. But if you don't want to stop in they do take aways as well. 

Whilst tea is the perfect accompaniment to cake it was a Saturday and Rebecca and I fancied something alcoholic. Mimi's has quite a big wine and cocktail selection but it was the strawberry & vanilla cider that caught our eyes. It was really nice and the vanilla wasn't too strong which is nice as I was a little worried about that. Lis and Charlotte went for the raspberry lemonades which they seemed to really enjoy. Next time I go I'll have to try out their hot chocolate because I saw some other customers with it and it looked amazing.  

I wouldn't normally order something like Mars Bar cake on a menu because I can make it myself (recipe here) but when I saw this I couldn't say no. It was much thicker than I'd normally make and all that caramel was making my heart sing. Like literally I could eat caramel out a tub with a spoon. This was really yummy. We all tried a little bit and everyone enjoyed it. The rice crispy section was a little more crumblier than when I make it which made it kind of hard to pick up and eat but apart from that it was lovely. 

Charlotte went for the Oreo cake. I think it was called an Oreo crunch slice or something like that but I can't remember 100%. She really enjoyed it and it does look amazing doesn't it. You can see it in Charlotte's weekly vlog. Seriously if you aren't subscribed to Charlotte's YouTube channel then you're missing out. This probably would have been my second choice so I'll keep an eye out for it if I return. 

When I asked Lis for a comment on her cake via FB message this is what she sent me. It's so perfect I had to copy and paste it.

"Going out on a limb to recommend a cakey hangout to such discerning cake fans as Charlotte and Hayley was mega traumatic. Sure, Mimi's Bakehouse has never disappointed in the past, but what if it did this time? And should I have the rainbow sprinkle vanilla cupake? The mint Aero traybake? In the end I was tempted away from my regulars by a huge slice of banoffee cake which was so tasty as I shoved every bit in my mouth that I decided if my cooler friends hated the place I no longer cared and it would just be more cake for me forever."

The Leith Bakehouse is right on the water of Leith so you can take a little stroll alongside the water afterwards if you're full of cake. Leith isn't an area that I visit often because it's pretty far from where I live but it was nice to see some more of it! Mimi's also have branches in Corstorphine and the Old Town although from what I understand the Old Town branch is very small and operates mainly as a takeaway. 

I'll definitely be going back and instead of afternoon tea their before-noon tea has caught my eye. Like afternoon tea but with breakfast food. I mean, hello?! What more could you want from life?!

Have you ever been to Mimi's? What cake would you recommend?

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