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Tuesday, 13 September 2016
Last week I took a mini break to Copenhagen with a friend from university. Copenhagen is somewhere that I've always wanted to go to and luckily it's really easy and cheap to fly there from Edinburgh. We noticed that it's really easy to get from Copenhagen to Malmö (in Sweden) so we decided that we'd split our time between the cities. We were away for two nights and spent one night in Copenhagen and the other in Malmö. So yes, that's two countries in two days. A little mad? Well, yes. But we actually found that Copenhagen is really small and that we were actually able to get everything done that we wanted to do! Plus Copenhagen is super expensive for accommodation so only staying there one night was actually kind of a blessing. 

Our plane landed at about half one but it was almost 4 o'clock by the time we had gotten to our hostel, checked in etc and then left. We were staying at the Generator Hostel. When we were first looking for places to stay Generator was really expensive but we managed to get a better deal after looking for a few weeks. The hostel was really nice and the decor was really modern and fun. One staff member was a little rude but when we rented bikes from the hostel we were served by someone called Allan and he was really, really helpful. One thing that I didn't like was that they were charging  you for the lockers. Normally when I've visited hostels the lockers are free to use or you can pay a deposit if you need to borrow a padlock.

Once we had rented our bikes we set off to see the city! We crossed over the Inderhavnsbroen bridge and cycled across to the opera house. Cycling is definitely the way forward in Copenhagen. A little like Amsterdam it's just one of those cities where everyone cycles and the cycle lanes are excellent. It also meant that we could see a lot more of what we wanted to see much faster. We passed Nyhavn on the way and saw all the coloured houses but didn't stop and take photos until a little later. 

We crossed back onto the other side and started to cycle towards The Little Mermaid. It's actually one of the attractions that's furthest away from the city centre but it didn't take us too long to eventually reach it. We stopped at St Alban's church on the way up which has a beautiful fountain outside of it representing a norse goddess. It was actually really warm when we were in Copenhagen and I could just about have done with jumping in the fountain myself to cool down!

The Little Mermaid is definitely very little but a must see when you're visiting Copenhagen. Although would this be a bad time to admit that I've never seen the Disney film? I expected this to be really busy but it wasn't actually too bad for a tourist-trap. 

When reading about where to eat in Copenhagen I kept seeing the Copenhagen Street Food market cropping up again and again. So that's where we went. Considering we only left our hostel at 4 it was quite late by the time we ended up eating dinner. The hall is massive and there were loads of vendors to see and a lot to choose from. We eventually got some duck fat fries from Copper Wheat and oh my god they were amazing. There's lots of outdoor seating and we sat there and watched the sun set over the Danish Playhouse. Be prepared that food is more of an expense in Copenhagen and I'd budget minimum £10-15 for a lunch/dinner. 

After dinner we took a stroll through Nyhavn which is really lovely after dark when it's all lit up. I would have loved to have eaten dinner there but the restaurants are really busy - maybe another trip! Then we went back to the hostel to rest before another full day!

When we woke up the next day the first place on our list was the Round Tour which thankfully wasn't very far at all from our hostel. It's a large tower that you can get an excellent view of Copenhagen from the top of. It was build so that horses and carriages could go up it so instead of climbing stairs you just follow a light incline! There's an art gallery halfway up that contains a lot of modern art. Something that I can't say I entirely 'get' but still worth a look!

The view from the top is lovely. There are benches as well so you can sit and enjoy the view from a while. We were actually able to see the bridge that we'd be crossing to get to Sweden as well which was really cool. There's also a little book shop across from the entrance to the tower that I really enjoyed having a little look into. 

We also stopped for a quick visit at the Trinitatis Church which is next to the tower. I'm not religious but the architecture of old European churches is absolutely stunning and they are definitely worth a good look around. This church in particular had three organs and the designs were stunning and really intricate. 

We then cycled to the area surrounding the Christiansborg Palace but ended up in the nearby library garden looking again at yet another fountain. There are tonnes of fountains across Copenhagen and I love them! And I don't speak Danish but there was a sign up and I'm pretty sure that it was saying that this is a hot spot for Pokemon Go! 

After sunbathing on a bench for a bit we cycled back over to the Opera House again. Mainly because we wanted to cycle across the bridge again. This part of town was a lot quieter which was really nice. The Opera House is a lot more modern than a lot of buildings in Copenhagen but still a good sight to see. 

On our way back to the hostel we stopped at Nyhavn to take some photos of the colourful buildings in the sunshine. This iconic Copenhagen shot was such a lovely way to end our time in the city. Even though we were only there for a short time I feel like we saw so much of the city and that cycling so much really helped us to really experience the city life!

And with that it was time to leave Copenhagen. Don't forget to come back in a few days time to see what we got up to in Malmö!

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  1. Cycling is such a good idea to see everything when you aren't there too long. Looks like you had a lovely time, the weather looks fab! Excited to read about Malmö.

    Kathryn -


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