Foundry 39, Edinburgh

Monday, 26 September 2016
Like most UK cities, Edinburgh is really big on burgers. New burger joints are springing up all over town. I've tried a few and definitely have my favourites. I was invited along to Foundry 39 on Queensferry Street by Leda who was invited along to review them for the student newspaper (you can read her review here) and I was excited by its really full menu and really central location. Perfect if you're on Princes Street doing some shopping!

We arrived on a Thursday night and the restaurant/bar was quiet but still had a lovely atmosphere. With mismatched decor and bare light bulbs this place has a really cosy, intimate feel to it. Pairing that with their really in depth cocktail menu and we were off to a great start. Cocktails in Edinburgh can be expensive but personally I'm willing to pay for quality. I started off with a smoked rhubarb and rosemary daiquiri and Leda opted for the watermelon collins. Both such unique flavours! And lovely presentation as well. The cocktail menu was not only extensive but also very unique. 

To start off our feast we ordered a sharing plate of 10 caramel and chilli chicken wings. Which were quite frankly, the best chicken wings I have ever eaten. Served piping hot and wonderfully sticky we couldn't help but demolish these. The sauce was sticky and sweet but the chilli kick was definitely there. With several types of chilli they're definitely packing the heat but it was balanced out nicely by the sweetness of the caramel which almost had a honey like flavour to it. 

The main menu is mostly compromised of burgers and pizzas although they do have some salads as well. I'm not one to order a salad for a meal out but I was actually quite tempted as the ingredients looked lovely and packed with flavour. Leda and I both settled on the maple glazed bacon burger - a 6oz dry aged beef patty, maple glazed smoked bacon, cheese, American mustard mayo, lettuce and tomato. Unfortunately I felt a little let down by the burgers. The meat wasn't juicy at all and just felt very dense and heavy to the point I only ate half of it and had no enthusiasm to finish. The mustard mayo was delicious and made a really nice addition but I couldn't really taste the maple glaze on the bacon. Our mains were saved by the delicious sweet potato fries which were fluffy on the inside and crispy on the outside. 

We snuck in another round of cocktails before dessert. Leda ordered a pink duchess as she was intrigued by the addition of the strawberry balsamic vinegar. I opted for a Jim's rose as I can't avoid a good bit of gin. Again these were lovely cocktails that came beautifully presented. The cocktails also both came with little jelly spheres - like you get in bubble tea - which was a fun and quirky addition.

After two courses we were feeling pretty full so chose to share a dessert. And when you see salted ricotta and Nutella pizza bites on a menu, you can't say no can you? These little dough and chocolate roll ups were delicious but a little heavy. We were glad we'd shared as I think that one portion per person would have been too much. The nutella had oozed out so we dipped the pizza bites into the chocolatey sauce and ate them all up. And then we were just about ready to be rolled home ourselves.

I was left with some pretty mixed feelings about Foundry 39. I was really impressed by the cocktails and food but just felt like the burgers lacked a little lustre. However, the chicken wings were amazing and I would probably go back so that I could order them as a main with a side as they really were something worth raving about. Whilst we didn't love the burgers, the company is quite new so I guess they need some time to find their groove. The service however, was absolutely amazing. We were really paid attention to. I'm not ruling out returning and I'd recommend checking out the cocktails and pizzas to anyone looking for somewhere to eat in central Edinburgh.

Foundry 39 can be found at 39A Queensferry Street and you can read their full menu here.

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Disclaimer: this meal was given to my friend in exchange for review. There was no requirement for myself to also write a review and all opinions are my own.

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