Jeremiah's Taproom, Edinburgh

Monday, 19 September 2016
My old flatmate, Rebecca, has recently moved to Leith. It's an area of Edinburgh that I've not explored very much but it has a good reputation amongst foodies. So when we met for dinner one night I ventured out of my fail-safe Newington comfort zone and down to Jeremiah's Taproom. Rebecca had been a few times before and raved about it so I was really interested to try it out. Located on Elm Row it's right at the top of Leith and actually still really close to the city centre. The menu contains of a lot of burgers and hot dogs but they also have a wide range of sides and a breakfast menu that's served until 5pm on the weekends. With a pretty impressive selection of craft beers and a long cocktail list it's a strong contender as a great food and drink place in Edinburgh. And the biggest plus? Dogs are welcome too.

I know pulled pork is the 'done thing' at the moment and it's absolutely everywhere but I can't help but do a little happy dance when I see it on a menu. So I just had to order the pulled pork burger from the menu - a 6oz beef burger with tomato, lettuce, cheese and some bbq pulled pork on top. It had slid off a little but after I sorted it out this burger was really, really nice. The pulled pork was really tasty and tender - I just wish that there had been a little bit more of it. In fact - if they added a pulled pork sandwich to the menu I think I'd be in heaven. When our food arrived I did think that the portion of fries that came with the food was quite small but actually in the end we were really full and almost struggled to finish. Eyes bigger than my belly it may seem.

After being tempted by the roast beef Sunday burger Rebecca decided to order the ranch burger which comes with smoked bacon, onion rings and bbq sauce. Which she really enjoyed. I just had a soft drink but Rebecca had a strawberry beer. I had a little sip and it was actually really nice and I'm not a beer fan at all. Rebecca has also tried the pulled pork hot dog and the steak sandwich on previous visits and would recommend those as well!

We really enjoyed our meal and I'd say it's pretty fairly priced for Edinburgh. But they have deals on which would help keep the cost down. For example the deal when we went was two hot dogs, fries and two beers for £12 which is pretty amazing.

Jeremiah's Taproom can be found at 7-8 Elm Row and you can read their menu here.

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