Malmö Travel Diary

Friday, 16 September 2016
Malmö was never somewhere that was on my bucket list but when we realised just how easy it was to get there from Copenhagen we couldn't help but cross the bridge and tick Sweden off our list at the same time. Luckily, I actually really loved Malmö. Even more than I loved Copenhagen and I loved Copenhagen a lot. Generally it has a much more relaxed feel to it than Copenhagen and there are a lot of lovely parks to walk through. I totally fell in love with Sweden and I'd love to go back. 

After getting off at the central station we took a quick walk to check into our hotel, the Scandic St. Jorgen. Now let me tell you this, we got so much more for our money here than we did in Copenhagen. Our room was absolutely lovely and an amazing breakfast was included for the same price as our room at Generator. I'd really recommend this hotel to anyone visiting Malmö!

We wanted to see the Turning Torso which was about a half hour walk from our hotel. It was a bit cooler than it had been in Copenhagen but still lovely weather so we took our time walking over and appreciated the architecture and views. The city is full of old streets and public parks so such a beautiful place to just walk around in. 

Whilst it's not got much on Edinburgh Castle the Malmö castle is still worth a visit. With a moat around it and a park nearby it's a really nice part of town to visit it. We walked past on our way to the Turning Torso and it was a lovely walk. How much the nature seemed to be appreciated was one of my favourite things about Sweden.

The Turning Torso is a skyscraper that twists as it goes up on a 90 degree twist. It's a pretty impressive piece of engineering and something a little unique. It's the tallest building in Scandinavia but as it's actually residential you can't go up it. The surrounding area is very nice and has a lot of modern buildings. It was a nice place to just sit and appreciate our surroundings.

The sun was beginning to go down as we arrived at the harbour and it just cast the most beautiful golden glow around the place. It felt so airy and light in this part of town which was a nice break from Copenhagen which was nice - but very busy. 

From here we could see the Øresund Bridge which we had crossed to get over to Sweden in the first place. It's the longest road and rail bridge in Europe. And a pretty spectacular sight. It's really easy to get the train across so if you're visiting Copenhagen I'd really recommend doing it - even if you're just going across for a day trip.

We stopped for dinner at a restaurant called VESPA that was near our hotel. The pizzas were absolutely delicious. Mine had spinach, bacon and parmesan on it. The food was lovely but the service was so poor. We were maybe sat for 15-20 minutes before someone came to take our order and it wasn't even that busy. However, we did get to sit outside which was lovely and there were blankets on the chairs for when it got cold which I think is such a lovely touch. After that we took a walk round Lilla Torg which is the main square in Malmö.

We visited Lilla Torg again in the daylight the next morning. I'm glad we did as it meant we could really appreciate the architecture etc. Malmö is such a lovely city to just walk around and soak up the atmosphere. The whole time we were there we didn't actually go into any attractions or anything - we just walked around and tried to see as much of the city as we possibly could in such a limited amount of time. 

After totally falling in love with the Boston Public Library I fancied a glance at the Malmö Stadsbibliotek which I can also confirm was a totally beautiful building. And not as far from the city centre as it looks on a map!

From the library we walked back up to the central station to get our train back to Copenhagen Airport. However we took a little detour and walked through some parks and around the back of the castle we had previously visited. We also got to pass this windmill. Which brought back some pretty great memories of my time in Leiden

Our time in Malmö was incredibly short but memorable and has left me really wanting to go back to Sweden - it's such a beautiful country!

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