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Wednesday, 9 November 2016
Recently I binned all of my DVD cases as I'd transferred all my discs into a disc holder. It means that I can store all my DVDs in one place and they don't take up lots of space. But before I binned them I took some photos for a few blog posts about some of my favourite movies. I don't really consider myself to be a big movie fan as I often lose patience! I don't have a very long attention span! These are a few of my favourite 'indie' films. I don't know what I really class as an 'indie film' but I guess they're the ones that really stand out as being unique to me. Or where you can feel the style of the director really showing through. 

The Virgin Suicides - This movie is based on the book of the same name by Jeffrey Eugenides and I'm a big fan of his work (although don't ask me to pronounce his name). The movie is also amazing. The way this film is shot totally captures the dream like narrative style of the book which is so great to see. The storyline is a bit grim - it's about a group of sisters with strict parents and the boys who have crushes on them who try to 'save' them. It's not too long as well which is nice as I tend to lose attention if a film is really long. 

Juno - I'm not really sure if this counts as an 'indie' film but I'm including it anyway as it's pretty quirky and I love it. I went to see this in the cinema when it was released but I've seen it quite a few times since I got the DVD. This is a teenage pregnancy story with a twist. I love the humour in this film as it's laugh out loud funny. And Ellen Page and Michael Cera are just acting goals. Like seriously. I was quite young when this was released and I liked at the time that the high schoolers in this film weren't 'cool'. 

Donnie Darko - This is probably one of my favourite movies of all time! It's such a classic and there's so much amazing imagery in this one. And some pretty great quotes. Aaaaaaand Jake Gyllenhaal is a total hunk even if he is much younger in this. The plot is pretty confusing so I'm not going to try and explain it - I think it's something you just need to watch and work out for yourself. But it's a really good film even if it is a little weird. Ok so that maybe wasn't the best explanation but just trust me and watch it if you haven't already. 

Amelie - I really enjoy watching subtitled films so I knew I would love this one. My attention span is quite short and I find that having to 'read' a film makes me pay attention for much longer. This film is about a woman called Amelie who is a waitress in Paris. She focuses a lot of her time on our people but soon finds it wears her down. It's pretty quirky and she has a very admirable dress sense. I don't speak a word of French but this movie has a lot of classic French charm. Paris hasn't really been at the top of my travel list (although I certainly wouldn't say no) but this movie makes me really want to go and eat fresh French bread and wear cute dresses. 

Ghost World - My high school English class watched a lot of weird films and this was one of them. It's about two young girls who become a bit obsessed with this man in their neighbourhood and start following him about and arrange a fake date for him. It stars a really young Scarlet Johannson which is so interesting to see. The two girls are pretty weird and are sort of excluded from friends their own age. This is based on the comic which I do hope to read one day and the sound track is also pretty great. 

Writing this has made me want to watch them all again. If anyone wants to find me I'll be locked in my room with some popcorn!

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  1. Great selection, although I've still not seen Ghost World.


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