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Wednesday, 2 November 2016
I consider myself to be a foodie. Going out for a meal with friends is one of my favourite things to do. But Indian food is honestly just something that I never really eat out - mainly because I enjoy cooking it so much at home. But a few weeks ago I met up with some of the lovely Edinburgh bloggers girls for a meal. We ended up at Tuk Tuk. This Indian street food restaurants is pretty famous in Edinburgh but I've never been! Located at 1 Leven Street, Tuk Tuk are bringing great, cheap Indian street food to the heart of Edinburgh.

We were ordering from their new tiffin menu which will be launching some time in early November. They're also opening a new restaurant in Glasgow! The idea of this set menu is that you get one starter, one meat main, one vegetable main and a naan bread or rice. And they come all neatly stacked in the little metal tins. These tins are called Tiffins and are traditionally used to deliver meals in India.

I struggled to decide what to order for my starter but in the end I went for the chicken lollipop because it sounded least like something I'd make at home. It turned out much like chicken pakora but with wings instead of breast. Honestly I wasn't very impressed by this. The batter was very greasy and the chicken seemed pretty low quality and in all honesty a little gross. The samosas and the vegetable pakora seemed to go down a treat with everyone else so maybe I just made a poor decision.

Moving onto the main courses. For my meat dish I went for butter chicken. Not a very brave or adventurous choice but this is a classic for a reason. The curry was smooth and creamy. It wasn't too spicy for me and the portion was a really good size. I'd definitely order this again. I felt a little out of my depth ordering the veggie dishes as I'd never tried any of them but I remembered how much one of my friends loves tarka dhal and decided to go with that. This dish was packed with flavour. I didn't eat the whole thing but lentils are really filling so you definitely won't be hungry after this. It's very rich and creamy - perfect comfort food. If you're a vegetarian you can also opt to have two vegetarian dishes instead of just the one.

One thing that I can't make for myself at home and always have to order when I'm eating Indian food in a restaurant is peshwari naan. There's something about the sweet, coconut richness of the naan bread that just compliments curry so well. Personally as I didn't really enjoy the starter so would prefer maybe the option to just have the two main courses with a rice and naan but I was definitely really full by the time I'd finished eating and didn't actually miss having rice as much as I thought I would.

Overall, I was really impressed with the relaxed vibe of Tuk Tuk and was totally blown away by how amazing the curry was. The food isn't expensive either and the sharing style of the food means that you can go as a group and order a little of everything. We all really enjoyed our meals and it was so lovely to catch up with everyone. Edinburgh has so many bloggers and the sense of community between everyone is lovely.

The lovely bloggers I ate with: Little Girl Bigger World, Twenty Something Lifestyle, The Quiet Resolution and Country Girl City Life.

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