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Wednesday, 16 November 2016
One of the things that really sucks about blogging is reading posts from other bloggers about amazing restaurants... that are hundreds of miles away from you. I've been reading posts from some of my favourite English blogging babes about Wahaca for years now. So I was pretty pleased when I discovered that they were opening a chain in Edinburgh. I'd been meaning to try it out for a while but hadn't made any plans. Then last week I was returning to Edinburgh after some travelling. I'd been on trains for most of the day and was really hungry. In a split second decision I decided I'd go to Wahaca by myself, because if I'm not a grown independent woman that can go get her own tacos then who am I?

Arriving in the restaurant the first thing that I noticed was how cool it was. With lots of bright colours, open space and jazzy music it instantly felt like a very chilled atmosphere. I was taken to a table upstairs (it was very busy for 6pm on a weeknight) and the waitress asked me if I'd like to know a little bit more about Wahaca and the menu. The menu  is quite extensive offering a few street food options (more like Mexican tapas) and a few full dishes. I'd been hungrily perusing the menu from the train so my mind was already made up. 

I went for two dishes off of the street food menu:

Pork pibil tacos - 5 hour braised shoulder of pork cooked in our special Yucatecan marinade with fiery pink pickled onions.

The pork was lovely and very tender but I just felt they were missing a little something to add an extra flavour or texture. That being said the portion size was perfect and the meat was really delicious so I definitely ate them all. Pulled pork is one of my favourite things so I guess you could say I take it pretty seriously and I love this. I also think this pork would be amazing inside quesadillas!

Battered cod baja tacos - beach shack style msc cod tacos with shredded slaw, chipotle mayo and pickled cucumbers.

I had the most amazing battered cos tacos when I was in New York (casual humble brag) and these were just as delicious if not better. I was actually really glad to be eating alone when I arrived because these are huge! Packed full of different flavours and textures that just worked so well together. The fish was beautiful and the chipotle mayo worked so well with it I may have to try making my own! I'm actually struggling to describe how amazing these were. I'd go back just to eat these and really recommend them.

The food arrived really quickly and was delicious. The staff were very friendly and even though I was eating alone I was never made to feel weird or awkward. They even offered to take my suitcase for me so that I wasn't lugging it around the restaurant. I'll definitely be coming back to Wahaca as a) I think my mum would love it so I have to take her and b) the menu is so large I barely scratched the surface! The menu also has two set menus for two that offer a really wide range of dishes at an extremely reasonable price.

Wahaca Edinburgh can be found on South St Andrews Street (perfect for a quick bite after visiting the Christmas markets) and you can read the menu here.

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