What's The Point In Blogging?

Wednesday, 23 November 2016
I'm currently the busiest I have ever been in my life. Third year is no joke: not only stressful but time consuming. But, despite that I've still been uploading a blog post a week. I've came to the conclusion that blogging is extremely important to me and is actually a great stress relief (even if it is sometimes stress-inducing). It can be a bit of a misunderstood hobby and to some it may seem a waste of time. But I'm adamant that blogging has lots of bonuses!

I've loved the written word my whole life, this is no different
I've always been a reader and when I was younger I was a keen writer as well. I essentially stopped writing fiction for a while and after that was when I started blogging. Writing my blog is just an extension of my love of both reading and writing. I'm a scientist by day so coming home and having the chance to explore my creative side through this blog is a welcomed break. 

Blogging shows an ability to write to a different audience
I do a lot of scientific writing for university. Both my blog posts and my lab reports show my communication skills but in very different ways. Managing Water Painted Dreams has strengthened my ability to write for a more casual audience which I don't think is a skill that can be downplayed. Communicating ideas in a more casual way is important for things like presentations and also when you need to communicate your projects to people that don't have the same level of understanding as you. 

My self-confidence has improved dramatically 
When I first started blogging I didn't really expect it to go very far. I remember hitting 100 followers and thinking that is was the coolest thing in the world! a few years later I have a combined social media following of about 10'000. That's pretty crazy! Knowing that so many people have put their trust and confidence into wanting to hear what I've got to say has been a pretty big factor in improving my self-confidence. I'm 10 times the person I was when I started my blog and I think it's really helped me to be more confident when I'm speaking - be that in class, to customers or even just to friends.

I've met some of my best friends through this hobby
When writing a personal blog like this, it's really easy to start viewing other bloggers and readers as your friends. I've made some wonderful friends through writing that I've met either through events or organising meet ups ourselves. I even went on holiday to Amsterdam with Morag in February and she was one of the first bloggers I've met in person. These friendships are so strong and I consider some of my blogging friends to be some of my best friends. 

One day I'm going to have some awesome memories to look back on 
I've been blogging for almost 5 years now and I've blogged about some pretty important things in my life. In particular -  holidays and my transition into university. One day it's going to be really interesting to look back on these posts (and maybe a little cringe). A lifestyle blog is essentially a big online diary (although thankfully not as horrendously embarrassing as some of my preteen diaries which I hope never see the light of day again). 

Life is busy but my love for blogging means it won't get left behind. I've just got to keep on keeping on.

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  1. Lovely post. I started writing my blog after moving 400 miles up to Perthshire. It was meant as a way of sharing our days out, walks and any great Scottish products. Of course, twelve months later it is so much more than this.


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