Christmas Gift Guide - For Students

Sunday, 11 December 2016
Ah Christmas. And the age old dilemma of what presents to buy for people. I have to admit that the older I get, the more boring my requests get too. These days if someone asks me what I want for Christmas the answer is more likely to be something like 'new pyjamas' than anything exciting. I've written a few gift guides before but this year I thought I'd do a student focused one. Presents that I like to receive are generally things that I wouldn't buy for myself and things like these definitely fit into that category!

Christmas Gift Guide - For Students

Some fancy hot chocolate - I absolutely love hot chocolate but it's not something that I'd really ever buy for myself as it can be quite expensive. Combining a hot chocolate with a nice mug makes a lovely present! Whittard does an amazing selection with some really nice flavours - I'd particularly recommend the rocky road flavour!
Lush Snow Fairy - Most students don't have a bath - or don't want to use that much hot water so a nice shower gel is a  great present. The Lush Snow Fairy shower gel is a cult classic and smells amazing. Lush have a really wide Christmas range but the shower gels are one thing you can almost guarantee anyone can use. It's not Christmas without this one for most Lush fans. 
A scratch off map - Most students I know really enjoy travelling so these scratch off maps are a lovely idea. It also helps your room feel a bit more homely when you have things to put up on the walls. These work like scratch cards and you can scratch off the gold foil to reveal all the coloured countries underneath. 
A travel mug - Tea and coffee isn't cheap on campus so having a travel mug or a flask is a great help. You can pick them up at almost any shop now and a few places will even have festive designs. It means that whoever you buy it for can save themselves some money throughout the semester by taking their own hot drinks to class. I've bought one for my dad that says 'tea rex' on it and I've honestly been laughing at that for about three weeks. 
A diary - keeping track of assignments, classes, socials etc can get a bit much sometimes so having a diary, or alternatively a calendar, to write everything down in can be a big help. The week to view style of diary is really handy as it's a good amount of space and you can view what you've got that week quickly. Paperchase have really nice ones but most bookstores or even supermarkets will stock them as well.
An Amazon gift card - Textbooks are not cheap! Whilst a gift card can feel like a bit of a cop-out gift it's something that I'm always really grateful to receive. I may not always spend it on textbooks but if I do then it's a big relief that I don't have to adjust my budget for a text book. Whilst we have the library, if it's something that I'll use a lot then it's just so much handier to have my own copy.

Slippers - Student flats can be really cold at times. A nice pair of slippers are a really nice gift. Personally, I absolutely love these novelty dog slippers. Although that's maybe because I'm a dog person. At Christmas time the shops are full of fun novelty slippers which a) provide a good laugh and b) are extra thick and therefore extra warm. Bonus!
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