Christmas Memories

Sunday, 4 December 2016
December is now well under way and it's only 21 days until Christmas! Now that I'm older and spend the majority of Christmas time away from home it's gotten me thinking more about the Christmas traditions that I've had grown up. Whilst I have really fond memories of all of my family's traditions it's also been a blast creating new ones with my friends too. I'm buried under work at the moment (who invented Christmas exams?) but that won't stop me from sharing some of my favourite Christmas memories and traditions this festive season.

The Edinburgh Christmas market - Growing up so close to Edinburgh meant that the Christmas market was always a pretty big part of the festive season! I love walking around the market in the cold and seeing all the bright lights and interesting stalls. And with all the delicious food it always smells amazing! And every year it feels like it gets bigger and bigger. It now expands over the Princes Street Gardens and St Andrew's Square. My favourite stalls are probably all the dessert ones and the stall that sells the flavoured coffee beans. They both smell amazing.

The cheese board - Ok let's face it the cheese board is the best part of Christmas. We change what we have for Christmas dinner almost every year but the cheese board is definitely the one stable thing about it. It also provides excellent leftovers. If you haven't eaten a brie and mango chutney toastie then you are seriously missing out. I recently hosted a wine and cheese night for my friends and we had such a good laugh, I'm thinking about making it a semesterly occasion!

Christmas candles - My family have always been big on burning candles but at Christmas, we maybe take this a bit OTT. Yankee Candles are definitely our favourite - not surprising as they are the world's best loved candles - and luckily I was lucky enough to collaborate with Debenhams this year who have an amazing range of candles and diffusers. My favourites are the rich spicy scents whereas my sister prefers the sweet ones like snowflake cookie. Where do you stand? This year Yankee Candle have an amazing advent calendar* which is so much fun to open! One tealight candle every day and a votive for Christmas eve. So far I'm really enjoying using this.

Christmas songs - I'm convinced it's not Christmas until I've heard Fairytale of New York played in public. Listening to Christmas songs is definitely something that really gets me in the mood for the festive season. Especially when it comes to things like baking or wrapping presents. My family also have a few songs that will normally be sung on Christmas day - normally after a few drinks. My favourite of which is called The Lobster Song, the lyrics are really quite something.

What are your favourite Christmas memories/traditions?

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