The Whistle Stop Barber Shop, Edinburgh

Sunday, 18 December 2016
I'm very lucky that both of my high school best friends now live in Edinburgh. We are all very different in our studies but we try to see each other every few weeks for a catch up. And that's almost always over food. So a few weeks ago we ended up eating at The Whistle Stop Barber Shop. This restaurant/bar has been open for a while and it's cool decor has always caught my eye whilst walking past. My friend had visited before with her husband and on her recommendation, we all went back together.

This was my opportunity to try out the infamous American dish: chicken and waffles. At Whistle Stop they're serving up buttermilk chicken - which makes the meat really tender and gives it a much stronger flavour. I'd agree that it works really well with the maple syrup but I felt that the waffles were a bit odd. They didn't seem fresh and weren't warm either. On the plus side, the portion size was massive. Considering this is intended as a starter/sharer you're definitely getting your money's worth. 

The real gem for me was the popcorn shrimp. Butterflied prawns in a spicy panko breadcrumb served with zesty lemon mayo. The prawns were lovely and fresh. The breading was really quite spicy but I loved the heat they were packing and the mayo was a nice, refreshing accompaniment.

And as per usual, what would be a guilty pleasure American meal without some good ol' sweet potato fries? I don't think there's such a thing as a bad sweet potato fry but as far they go - these were delicious! The portion size was also really generous - definitely ok to share with friends. I'm not quite sure I could have eaten the lot on my own.

The staff at The Whistle Stop Barber Shop were all really friendly and attentive. The bar wasn't busy when we went (around 7pm on a weeknight) but I can imagine the place really picks up later at night or on the weekends. The food was delicious and the amount of food that we got for our money was really good. They have a rather extensive cocktail list too so I'd definitely go back if I was looking for some good food and then a boozy night.

The Whistle Stop Barber Shop can be found at 66-67 South Bridge and you can read their menu here.

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