101 Things in 1001 Days - Round 2

Wednesday, 18 January 2017
One of my very first blog posts was my 101 Things in 1001 Days page. I loved writing this and enjoyed setting myself lots of challenges for the years to come. That run out a long time ago and I've finally gotten around to writing another. I took some inspiration from Becky who organises her goals by categories that will hopefully make it easier to keep track of things. I've set some pretty big goals (especially for travel) but I'm hopeful that I can complete as many of these goals as possible and if not at least have fun in the process! The next few years will be a big deal for me, I'll be moving abroad and graduating but it will be exciting!

Start date: 15th January 2017
End Date: 13th October 2019


1. Visit Washington, D.C.
2. Visit Chicago.
3. Visit New Haven.
4. Visit Philadelphia. 
5. Visit Germany.
6. Visit Croatia.
7. Visit Belgium.
8. Visit Ireland. 
9. Visit London.
10. Visit York.
11. Visit 10 new US states. (11/10)
12. Visit Inverness.
13. Visit the Isle of Skye. 
14. Travel to a new continent.
15. Return to Boston.
16. Return to Toronto.
17. Take a train from one country to another (Scotland to England doesn't count).
18. Take a road trip with friends.
19. Try a really authentic, local dish that I wouldn't normally eat.
20. Write a blog post about my favourite places in New York.

Year Abroad/in Industry

21. Have a leaving party for family/friends before I go.
22. Declutter my room before I go and pack things coherently.
23. Show a friend from home around NYC.
24. Go to a shooting range and fire a gun.
25. Visit some American friends from Edinburgh.
26. Visit a pumpkin farm during fall.
27. Eat a proper American Thanksgiving dinner (not that your amazing Edinburgh ones weren't good Leda).
28. Celebrate turning 21 with my first legal American drink.
29. Watch a show on Broadway.
30. Film three 'vlogs' for family back home about what my life is like in the US. (2/3)
31. Find a method of communication with technophobic grandparents.
32. Go to a baseball game.
33. Go to a basketball game.
34. Go to an ice hockey game.
35. Go to an American football game.
36. Take a whale watching tour off the coast of New England.
37. Do some witchy tourism in Salem.
38. Walk the highline in NYC.
39. Visit the Smithsonian Museum.
40. Rent a rowboat in Central Park.
41. Buy a book from The Strand bookstore.
42. Ride The Staten Island Ferry.
43. Go to a concert in the States. 


44. Climb Arthur's Seat at sunset.
45. Visit Portobello Beach.
46. Visit Cramond Island.
47. Visit the Writer's Museum.
48. Climb the Scott's Monument.
49. Visit the cat cafe.
50. Go to the Pitt food market.
51. Visit the Edinburgh Gin distillery.
52. Have a meal in the glass box at Chaophraya.
53. Have a cocktail in The Dome at Christmas time.
54. Have an afternoon tea at the Balmoral.
55. Have afternoon tea at Mimi's. 
56. Get cheese toasties at Meltmongers.
57. Write a post about my favourite date spots in Edinburgh.
58. Write another where to eat in Edinburgh post.
59. Get a smore at The Marshmallow Lady.
60. Climb Blackford Hill.
61. Go back to Steak on Stones.
62. Visit the Edinburgh Royal Observatory.
63. Visit the Museum on the Mound.


64. Graduate with a 2:1 or higher.
65. Enroll on a Ph.D program.
66. Join a society for my final year.
67. Pass my theory driving test. 
68. Pass my practical driving test.
69. Get published.
70. Apply for a University way beyond my scope. 
71. Take a cookery class. 


72. Double my combined social media following (20k).
73. Reach 10k followers on Twitter.
74. Reach 3k followers on Instagram.
75. Double my Pinterest following (6k).
76. Get featured.
77. Contribute 5 articles to a science blog. (6/5)
78. Save up for a new camera.
79. Upload some form of video.
80. Do 3 more giveaways. (1/3)
81. Meet 10 new blogging friends. (8/10)


82. Read a book a week (it works out at like 143 point something books).
83. Read 30 books by BAME authors. (30/30)
84. Read 5 graphic novels. 
85. Give blood.
86. Visit a Lush Spa.
87. Go see a ballet.
88. Get a massage.
89. Bake bread from scratch.
90. Run a 5k race.
91. Learn how to do 3 new hairstyles because Hayley a ponytail is not making an effort.
92. Host another wine and cheese night.
93. Ironically, go a week without lactose.
94. Eat vegetarian for a week.
95. Save £10 for every challenge I complete. (34/101)
96. Take my gran to the theatre.
97. Go see a show by myself.
98. Perfect my brownie recipe.
99. Bake my own macarons.
100. Crochet 10 gifts for friends/family. (5/10)
101. Keep a plant alive for at least 6 months.

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