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Sunday, 22 January 2017
It feels like months since I just sat down and wrote a blog post about what I've been up to. I used to write a little catch up every week as part of my Week In Photos series when I first started blogging. I really miss doing that and whilst I don't want to do it every week it's been far too long since I did something to that extent. Two months ago I found out that I would be moving to the US this year and I can't believe I haven't really spoken about it! So here's an old school ramble about what I've been up to.

Feel like I never post photos of myself on my blog anymore - so here's what I look like these days. 

I've hit the halfway mark of my 5-year degree which is both a relief and also totally terrifying. University is going well but as always it is extremely time-consuming. This is the first time in four years that I'm not working around academia after leaving my job at the pharmacy in September. I'm very lucky that I'm financially ok with doing this (read lucky as I've worked for a very long time so have the savings to do this). At first, it felt weird but I'm appreciating the free time that I have to commit to uni work instead.

The work is definitely harder (third year is no joke) but I'm pleased with the results that I've been getting on my lab reports and presentations. Christmas exams don't count for me this year so this semester will require a lot of hard studying before May. But I've been seeing the hard work pay off and I'm hoping I'll have even more time for work 


I realised that I mentioned my year of industry in my 101 Things in 1001 Days post without having properly spoken about it on my blog! My degree involves a 12-month work placement that I'm lucky enough to be carrying out in the United States. I'll be moving to the East Coast in June. I don't want to talk too much about exactly where I'm going but I'll be very close to New York City. I can't wait to explore the city more. I'm nervous but I'm also excited by how wonderful an opportunity this is for me in both an educational and personal way.


Friday was my birthday! I turned 20, thus concluding my teenage years. I don't tend to make a big deal out of my birthday but I had a really lovely time. On Friday night I had a party at my flat with lots of friends and alcohol. That's how students celebrate of course! Then last night I went out for a meal in Edinburgh with my family. We went to one of my favourite restaurants and I ate so much food it was excellent. I'm excited to be starting my twenties and all the opportunities that await me. 

Thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday on Twitter!


As the semester proceeds I'm going to swap back to weekly blogging on Wednesday. I'm also trying to focus on quality over quantity by posting more ensightful posts. I'm so pleased with the responses that I've gotten on my posts Self-Confidence & Other Stories and Humanities vs Sciences: Who Gives a Shit? and I'd like to write more discussion based posts like these in the future. 


I booked a trip to Rome for the beginning of January but ended up canceling. I did manage to get most of my money back. It was supposed to be a solo trip and I was excited for it when I booked it. But the semester really wore me out and when it was getting closer to the trip I realised I wasn't looking forward to it and didn't really want to go. As I could get most of my money back and I decided to leave it and hopefully go another time when I'm more in the mood. I'm a little disappointed in myself but I think it's also important to put your feelings first some times.

So far I don't have anything booked for 2017 apart from my move to the US which is obviously a really big deal. I need to go to either London or Belfast at some point to sort out my Visa. So that will be at least one trip. I'd also like to do a weekend break to Dublin and maybe another European city before my move. Once I'm actually in America I'll also be trying to see lots of places but I'll need to work out how feasible that will be once I get my schedule etc. 

Love life

Still non-existant. Sorry mum.

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  1. Happy belated Birthday!!!! My third year of university was difficult, I have Alot of catching up to do in my senior year. But you got this girl! You are almost there :)
    I love when bloggers write these type of updates, they are so interesting!

    Nikki O.


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