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Sunday, 19 February 2017
Instagram. Love it or hate it, it's almost an essential part of blogging these days. As fun as it is, it can be too easy to get swept up in all the number counting and stat obsessing that comes alongside trying to grow and brand another social media channel. I'm trying to take it back to the basics with my Instagram account again and make it more fun and reflective of my day to day life. I'm not a fan of pristine all white feeds and even if they're popular, they just aren't me. What I like are feeds that are unique, full of colour and let a personality shine through. I thought I'd write this post so that I could share some of my favourite Instagrammers in the hope that you find a new favourite and to remind myself what it is that I love about the accounts that I follow (someone remind me to have a clear out).

Shawna is an Edinburgh based Instagrammer and posts beautiful photographs of the city. It's nice to see something that's familiar pop up on my feed every now and again! I know that I'll really appreciate her photographs when I move to America in June as it will be a little reminder of home.

Rhianna is one of my favourite bloggers so it would make sense that her Instagram is also one of my favourites! I love Rhianna's photos because she obviously puts a lot of work into her photos but her flatlays etc are really unique. When I see one of her photos, I know who took it!

Kirsty writes one of the most amazing food blogs and I love seeing sneak peaks of her recipes snap up on my feed. What I like about Kirsty is that her recipes are easy and they don't use a lot of 'obnoxious' ingredients that make be feel a bit intimidated.

I love Lily's Instagram because of a few reasons. A) Her style is beautiful. B) She takes a lot of really interesting city breaks. C) She's a science/maths girls. Ie: a girl after my own heart. I love the combination between fun selfies and little life snapshots. 

I met Anastasia in December and we have since become blogging friends. She stayed with me over New Year and we went out on a nice walk to take some photos. She shares a mix of Edinburgh and Aberdeen city shots and adorable snapshots of her Jack Russell, Cruz, who is just the sweetest little boy. 


I discovered Kim's Instagram account through crochet but I stuck around for bright colours, doggos, and cute travel shots. Hey, what can I say? If someone has a cute dog then let's face it, I'll definitely love their account.

Chloe shares snapshots of student life in London and I really enjoy seeing her photos. I've been a long time follower of her blog and it's been really nice to watch how her personal style has evolved. Plus she got engaged in Edinburgh and therefore obviously has great taste in cities. 

Charlie's travel photos are absolutely stunning. I absolutely love her feed and find it amazing how many places she travels to and all the cool things she sees. A little bit of wanderlust in my phone. She's also based in London so I get a glimpse into the capital (that I've still never been to).

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