Things I Do To De-Stress

Sunday, 26 February 2017

- Prioritise my to do list.
- Drink a lot of tea.
- Or alternatively hot chocolate. My favourite is currently a chocolate orange hot chocolate made with almond milk and topped with marshmallows for that extra bit of self-indulgence. 
- Take a walk by myself.
- Phone my grandmother. 
- Clean/tidy my surroundings.
- Listen to some fun, upbeat music. Dance around the room.
- Do the fastest 3 things on my to-do list because this makes me feel motivated.
- Go for a shower and change my bed sheets so I feel fresh and ready to face whatever bothers me.
- Go to bed earlier.
- Light a candle.
- Turn off my phone.
- Swim.
- Comment on some of my favourite blogs.
- Watch Harry Potter.
- Read Harry Potter.
- Think about Harry Potter.
- Go and get some ice cream from Mary's Milk Bar. 
- Organise some drinks with friends.
- Book tickets to go see something fun.
- Swift through my Instagram feed and find some new restaurants that I want to visit and make a list. 
- Pet a stranger's dog.
- Pet a friend's dog. 
- Pet anyone's dog. 
- Take a bath.
- Sift through old paperwork and see if I still need everything.
- Clean things.
- Go through my book collection and see if there are any I'd like to donate to charity.
- Same with my wardrobe.
- Confront what is actually stressing me out.
- Send my friends GIFs of puppies because if I'm stressed they probably are too.
- Watch comfort TV (preferably First Dates).
- Eat an entire tub of raspberry sorbet out the carton with a spoon.
- Take an extra long dog walk.
- Crochet something really intricate that requires a lot of time and attention.
- Sort out the fridge/cupboard and discard food that's out of date.
- Blog it out.
- Go out and buy chocolate and strawberries. Then melt the chocolate and eat all the strawberries whilst dipping them in the chocolate (I do this more often than I'd care to admit).

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