5 Bad Ass Female Comedians on Netlfix

Wednesday, 8 March 2017
Today is International Women's Day - one of the best days of the year. This year I thought I'd share with you some of my favourite female stand-up comedians. Comedy is something that is really heavily dominated by men. When I first started watching comedians on Netflix (there are so many it's great) I was blown away with the selection but a little disappointed in the lack of women. Over the last few months they've added lots of female comedians and a lot of them are great.

So to celebrate International Women's Day I'm sharing with you some of my favourite female stand-up comedians that you can watch on Netflix. I think it's really important to be watching them and rating them highly because it says to Netflix 'Hi we want more of this please!'.

Ali Wong

Ali Wong's Baby Cobra set on Netflix was the first female lead comedy I watched on Netflix and I still think she's the funniest. I honestly watched this about three times on repeat because I just loved it so much. She has a very adult sense of humour and isn't afraid to make some pretty outrageous jokes which I love. 

Anjelah Johnson 

Anjelah Johnson got pretty famous after her stand up routine about going to a nail salon got turned into this animated video and went viral. But she's back in her comedy special Not Fancy and better than ever. She talks a lot about feeling out of place for well... not being fancy. Which is something that I relate to quite a bit seeing as Edinburgh is quite an affluent university and I'm as working class as they come. 

Chelsea Handler

Chelsea Handler is a pretty famous comedian and for a good reason. She is hilarious. She has a lot of content on Netflix but I recently watched her new Uganda Be Kidding Me set and it was excellent. She recently went to Uganda with a friend and it's all about the stuff that they get up to etc. Then she goes to talk a lot more about other things too. Much like Ali Wong she isn't afraid to say some pretty outrageous stuff and I love her for it.

Cristela Alonzo

I'm not entirely sure where the class trend is coming from but Alonzo's comedy special is called Lower Classy is  is laugh-until-you-cry kind of funny. She makes a lot of jokes about Donald Trump, her Mexican-American identify and shattering the glass ceiling. She is not only hilarious but extremely likeable and relatable. I want her to be my friend!

Jen Kirkman

Jen Kirkman has a few shows on Netflix but I like her one called I'm Going To Die Alone which is probably the best one. She talks about what it's like to be single in your 30s in a way that's hilarious and pretty relatable if you're single at any age. She also has fantastic dress sense which obviously isn't the most important thing but fairly admirable.

If you've got recommendations of 

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Disclaimer: This post is written with Netflix UK in mind and these shows may not be available in all regions.


  1. Great list! I freaking loved Baby Cobra and both of Jenson Kirkman's specials. I haven't finished Cristela's yet and haven't seen Chelsea's so I'll get right on that. I also enjoyed Chelsea Peretti's and Katherine Ryan's - check them out when you get a chance :) I noticed Amy Schumer's is on there now but I'm not really a fan.

  2. I will have to check all of them out! I usually watch female comedians on YouTube but I'm always on the lookout for new talent to watch. Great post!


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