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Sunday, 5 March 2017
Last week I had one of the busiest days in a long time: full of food, blogging friends and good laughs. Annoyingly I didn't have my camera to hand that day so today's post is a mixture of photos taken using my phone and other people's cameras (I'm like a magpie). I'm going to do a quick run through of all the places that I visited and what I got up to at each place. It was a really busy time but it reminded me of what I love about blogging and how grateful I am for the opportunities it's brought into my life. 

Steak On Stones

I got to meet the lovely Sarah recently as she came to visit Edinburgh for a few days. We met at Steak on Stones for dinner one night. It's one of my favourite restaurants and was just as amazing the second time around. On a Tuesday night, they have a steak & shake offer. Steak, a side, a sauce and a milkshake for £17.50. We really enjoyed our food and the evening passed so quickly as we were just chatting away. We then made our way home and I had to get to sleep as the next day was my super busy day. The restaurant has a really expensive and classy feel to it and it's such a lovely place to go for a little treat. 

The Old Waverley Hotel

After rushing out of the lab on Wednesday afternoon I caught the bus to Princes Street for afternoon tea with Charlene and Sarah. Charlene and I had never had an afternoon tea before and Sarah was very excited to introduce us to it. We had such a good chat and laughed a lot so really a perfect afternoon. 

The Old Waverley Hotel has a fantastic view of the Princes Street Gardens, the Scotts Monument and Edinburgh Castle so was a wonderful location for afternoon tea. I ordered a smoked salmon sandwich, a fruit scone and a selection of cakes/desserts. Nibbling away at the delicious treats whilst sipping on tea and chatting away with some great girls was a perfect way to spend an afternoon. We all really enjoyed ourselves and were so full we couldn't finish of the cakes which is impressive as the afternoon tea was only £11.95 (considerably cheaper than other teas in the area).

Frisky Froyo

After finishing up afternoon tea I rushed back to my flat, had a quick outfit changed and rushed out again to the Frisky store. Frisky are a pretty classic Edinburgh store and have been serving up bubble tea and frozen yoghurt for a good few years. They've recently launched smoothie bowls and invited some of us bloggers around to try them out. 

I was in good company (Gillian, Laura, Louise, Talor and Lorna) and we had a great time designing our own smoothie bowls. I opted for the Caribbean crush smoothie base and topped my bowl with acai berry powder, chia seeds, crushed hazelnuts, freeze-dried fruit and desiccated coconut. Louise kindly photographed me making mine hence why the Frisky photos are much clearer. It was so refreshing. The store is right by campus so would make an awesome lunch or even a rushed breakfast on the way to class. 

Bar Soba

If you've been following my blog for a while you'll know that I'm a big fan of the Bar Soba restaurants in Glasgow. I was invited along to the menu launch at the Edinburgh restaurant on Hanover Street and I couldn't say no. So making for my third blogger meet up of the day, I grabbed Leda and we headed down there for some great food and a catch up. We drank refreshing and strong apple and ginger mojitos whilst trying out some of the delicious additions. The start selection is made up of miso mushroom buns, sweet and spicy fried chicken buns, a Balinese chicken satay and cheeseburger spring rolls (a surprisingly delicious combination). My favourite were the chicken buns as they were spicy but absolutely delicious.

Moving on to main courses we sampled a southern Thai king prawn curry, crispy Shanghai pork and buttermilk chicken katsu curry. All were absolutely delicious and very flavourful. The new menu is inspired with using lots of fresh spices to add lots of flavour (without necessarily adding heat) so perfect like me if you can't handle your spice very well. Bar Soba has a beautiful lay out and a very trendy, relaxed feeling - the perfect place for catching up with Leda and hearing about her recent trip to Marrakesh. 

All in all a busy but fantastic day full of great food and even better company.

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  1. Hey Hayley!! Wow! Thanks for the mention babe! It really was so so awesome to finally meet you!! Steak on Stones was incredible! I am determined to find one down here....!
    Afternoon Tea was immense....I truly had one of the best afternoons in a while so thank you. Pleased I got to pop your cherry! Haha!!
    Definitely coming back!! Xxxxxx


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