Edinburgh Edit: Burgers

Wednesday, 29 March 2017
Burgers are the new trendy food. So for my next Edinburgh Edit I'm discussing my favourite burger joints in the city. New ones are springing up left right and centre but these are a few of my tried and tested favourites. What I really look for in a good burger place is a) variety b) flavour and c) value for money. It's quite common for restaurants to disappear in Edinburgh almost as soon as they've opened but all of these places have been going for at least two years which is a real sign of success here.

Bread Meats Bread
I literally never stop banging on about this place but I've been a few times and I think it gets better each time. I mean, where else in the city can you get a burger that's served inside a donut? Bread Meats Bread serves up a really inventive burger menu and even have a good few veggie options too. Their side dishes are also delicious (maple syrup sweet potato fries HELLO) and an actual Canadian has told me that their poutine is the real deal. 

The Holyrood 9A
I mentioned The Holyrood 9A in my Where To Eat In Edinburgh post and it's remained a firm favourite of mine ever since. I've even had multiple people tell me they've eaten here on my recommendation and loved it so that's a good sign! The burgers here are juicy, meaty and come with a variety of toppings. They also have some more unique options like a venison or haggis burger. Great sweet potato fries too. Maybe I should just do an edit purely on sweet potato fries? Let me know. 

Clerk's Bar
I'm not exactly sure why I have no photos of the food at Clerk's Bar because it's somewhere that I've eaten at multiple times (twice before I even moved to Edinburgh) and loved it. This fun, fairly hipster bar is located in the heart of Newington (aka studentville) and is serving up a meaty menu washed down with good beer. The last time I visited I had a burger with pulled pork (delicious) but the menu changes frequently and that's no longer available. There's a great selection of burgers available and there are a few vegetarian options on the menu too.

56 North
56 North is a gin bar with an amazing menu. When I first moved to Edinburgh 56 North did a student offer of two burgers for £10 but I do believe it's now 2 for 1. That's still great value! The burger selection is pretty varied and they all come with what I'll happily say are my favourite chips ever. And I consider myself to be a chip connoisseur (not even joking). With one of the world's largest gin collections, I'm certain you can also find something delicious to wash your meal down with.  


Jeremiah's Tap Room 
I was introduced to Jeremiah's Taproom by my old flatmate Rebecca who has visited several times with her boyfriend. I really loved the relaxed feeling of this bar and the menu had a great selection. I had a pulled pork burger (essentially combining two of my favourite foods) and it was delicious. They have a fantastic craft beer selection so you could easily dine here and then stay all night for a boozy evening. They normally have some sort of deal on and also host a pub quiz every Sunday at 8pm.

Where would you recommend for burgers in Edinburgh? I'll happily test your favourites!

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