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Sunday, 16 April 2017
I love city breaks. I've never really been one for a pool holiday, I have a short attention span, and it wasn't until I started university that I started travelling for myself. On a city break, I can always find something to catch my eye. I've been really privileged in how much travelling I've been able to do over the last few years. But I've still got my eye on a few cities when that I'd love to explore. After getting my scratch-off map for Christmas, I'm obsessed with travelling to as many countries as possible. I have trips planned to Berlin and Rome for the end of may. After that, I've ticked off most of Western Europe. My travel plans now are set on exploring Eastern Europe and different continents with these beautiful cities. 


I don't normally associate European city breaks with sunshine but Dubrovnik allows you to take in the best of both worlds. Plus EasyJet have recently opened up a new route flying from Edinburgh so I can't really say no. After seeing Charlotte talking about her day trip there on her recent visit to Croatia I'm really keen to go and see the city for myself. It looks very historic and so, so beautiful. Another great thing about Dubrovnik is that you can go on day trips to Montenegro and Bosnia & Herzegovina. Perfect opportunity to tick off a few countries in the one trip. 

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Ok so I've got a confession to make... I've never actually been to London. London, Ontario... yes... but that's a story for another day. It's such a vibrant, bustling and beautiful city. I really do think that it's about time that I made a visit to the UK capital. Thankfully it's possible to take some great little breaks to London. I actually need to visit London or Belfast over the next month to sort out my visa so this one may become a reality sooner rather than later. I'd especially love to visit the Harry Potter Studio Tour at the same time - it looks magical!

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Washington D.C.

If you've not already heard, I'm moving the east coast USA in June. I'll be there for 12 months and I'd really love to see as much of the US as possible. I won't really have a lot of holidays so I'm kinda limited to trips that I can make in a weekend. The country's capital seems like a feasible option as it's only two train rides away. There is so much culture there and hopefully I'll be able to see one of my first year flat mates, who lives in Virginia, whilst I'm there. 


I'd never really fancied much of Eastern Europe if I'm honest. Mostly because the food doesn't really appeal to me! But after reading Erica's post about Riga I was totally converted! Riga looks absolutely beautiful and the colours are amazing. It's easy for me to fly there if I leave from Glasgow. Plus the benefit of a city break somewhere in Eastern Europe is that generally, they're a lot cheaper. Result!

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After hearing all about Leda's amazing trip to Marrakesh I'd really love to go and see it for myself. Whilst it's still a city break, it's still something so different to anything else I've ever done before. I've never visited any African countries before and I think Marrakesh would be a great place to start as it's really easy to get there from Scotland. The food, landscapes and cultures are all extremely interesting and I'd love to have a little Moroccan adventure of my own. 

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Austria is one of the few Western European countries that I haven't gotten around to visiting and I really think I need to fix that! It's not easy to get to Salzburg from Scotland unfortunately, but after seeing Becky rave about the city it's somewhere I'd love to visit. Salzburg is the location of The Sound of Music so not only is there a lot of beautiful scenery there's also the chance to scout out some film locations. Yes this is techincally a sixth? Do I care? No

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Where would your ideal city break be?

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