Cross Highlands Road Trip

Wednesday, 17 May 2017
On my recent trip to Inverness and Skye, we saw some amazing scenery. Outside of the cities, there is so much to see just driving around. The roads are a bit twisty but that means that you really get to go along with the landscape. We literally went from heavy snow to blazing sunshine in the space of a weekend. I don't think I've heard of anything so Scottish! 

We stopped to take these snowy photos when driving to Inverness. The snow got really heavy not long after this but was so beautiful. We didn't have to go anywhere special to get a view like this either, this was literally at the side of the main road between Edinburgh and Inverness. We had pulled into a little lay-by so we could stretch our legs after we had been in the car for so long. 

The sat nav originally recommended a different route from Inverness to Skye but we altered it slightly to drive by Loch Ness. Loch Ness is so big it's jaw dropping. Loch Ness can hold the volume of all of the rivers and Lakes of England and Wales. It's that big. 

Amazing to think that the photo below and the photo above were taken on the same Loch, on the same day. Urquhart Castle is absolutely stunning and well worth a stop at if you're around Loch Ness. Closer to Inverness than you'd think so would make a great day trip from the city if you can drive.  

I hadn't even realised that we'd be driving past Eilean Donan castle so I just about squealed when I saw it. This castle is located at the point where 3 lochs meet and has some amazing scenery. Sights like this remind me why I love Scotland so much. The weather had taken a cloudy turn but I think that makes the castle look even more brooding. 

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  1. Such beautiful pictures! The scenery is amazing


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