So CoCo, Inverness

Sunday, 28 May 2017

When visiting Inverness there was one place I knew I had to visit. After recommendations from both Lucy and Anastasia, I had my heart set on So Coco, a chocolate based cafe. We actually went for breakfast. Churros for breakfast? We were on holiday! 

We arrived about 10 am after having a short walk through the city centre and it was very quiet. After bagging a window seat we sat down to peruse their menu. We opted to go for the churros for two platter which comes with 6 churros and two dipping pots. We selected white chocolate and milk chocolate. The two pots were more than enough and the chocolate was so rich and creamy. The churros were excellent but missing the cinnamon which I thought was a bit unusual. I ended up completely covered in chocolate and icing sugar - can't take me anywhere! 

After hearing Anastasia say that the chocolate pots were more than enough I chose to also order myself a fruit salad so that I could dip the fruit into the chocolate as well. It was a huge bowl and had a really good selection of fruit as well.

The atmosphere was really relaxed and got busier as the morning progressed. It was a really lovely cafe that I'd head back to in an instant if I'm ever back in Inverness again. I was totally blown away by how cheap it was as well. The churros, fruit salad, a bowl of porridge, a glass of orange juice and hot chocolate was only about £16. You could easily pay much more for that in Edinburgh!

So Coco stole my heart and I'm frequently daydreaming of the churros. 

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  1. Churros for breakfast? I like your style! It all sounds delicious- I'd definitely be swirling some chocolate in my porridge.



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