York in a Day

Wednesday, 24 May 2017
I'm getting a bit nostalgic about leaving the UK and have been trying to make the most of my time left here. That means I've got a few places I still want to see. York has always really stuck out to me for being a really old and historic city, one that I definitely wanted to explore. It's only 2.5 hours from Edinburgh by train so when I saw some cheap tickets going I decided to book myself a spontaneous day trip! A day was long enough to walk around the city and see the sites but a little longer would be needed if you want to see museums etc. I loved that York was so accessible for a day trip but at the same time somewhere you could definitely spend more time too. 

My train arrived in York around 12 o'clock after a slight delay due to an accident. I'd had lunch on the train so when I met my friend Emma we headed straight into the city to have a good old look around. Emma is from a village really close by so she was an excellent tour guide to have! York is such a small city so it was a really nice one to just walk around. Can easily see everything on foot without having to walk more than maybe 15 minutes. 

One place I knew I wanted to visit was Betty's. A tea room that's famous for its loose leaf teas and home baking. The tea room itself was queued around the block but there's also a little store there too. After eyeing up some macarons and some amazing Easter chocolates, I left with some of my favourite rose tea. Emma introduced this tea to me in Edinburgh and I absolutely love it - it tastes just like Turkish delight! I've now got a bag of my own so I'll be quite happy for the next few months. 

From Betty's we walked through the streets to The Shambles. A lovely collection of tiny shops on a very narrow, crooked street. It's very much like a real-life Diagon Alley and certainly magical. We stopped at Monk Bar Chocolatiers for chocolate shots (seen on my Instagram) which were insanely indulgent. Then helped ourselves to some free samples of flowering Jasmine tea which was delicious.

After leaving the Shambles we climbed up to a place called Clifford Tower. We didn't go in (it costs) but you get a really lovely view from the top of the stairs so we went that far! York has so many lovely shops and churches that there's always something to look at.  

By this point, we were really beginning to feel the heat of the afternoon sun so we wanted to stop and have a cold drink. We stopped at a little place called the Crumb's Cupcakery. We got some cupcakes to go and some cold drinks and took them out to the little grass area opposite the shop and sat in the shade. The bakery is right next to York Minster so we got a great view! I loved the cute decor of the cupcakery and my caramel fudge cupcake was delicious - though I do kind of regret not trying a creme egg brownie! 

After our refreshments, we walked the city walls. These gave us a beautiful view of more of the city and as we were a little higher we got a nice breeze. I managed to pick a great day to visit as it was so hot and sunny but was cloudy the next day. The walls are build in little sections as well so it's up to you how much or little of them you want to walk. We walked a good way around before we climbed back down again in search of something to drink/eat.

We had amazing tapas at a restaurant called Ambiente followed by a sneaky cocktail in a bar somewhere on the way back to the station. I made my 8:30 pm train home and I was exhausted. I managed to see so much of York in such a small space of time and I can't wait to go back.

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