Making Cocktails with Revolution

Wednesday, 28 June 2017
Revolution is bar chain that graces every great UK city. With an extensive cocktail menu, 30 flavours of vodka and a well-priced food menu: there's something for everyone. I'm very familiar with the Edinburgh branch as they sponsor the Chemistry Society so I've spent many a boozy night there with friends. However, I was recently invited along to a blogger's cocktail class at their Glasgow branch. I've looked at their cocktail masterclasses before as a potential birthday idea and I've seen a few people go to them for hen parties. 

When we arrived we were greeted with a bubblegum daiquiri - a fun blue cocktail topped with flying saucer sweeties. This cocktail is really sweet and made with their bubblegum vodka. If you've ever been to Revs before you'll know that they have lots of flavoured vodkas that are made in Manchester. We were introduced to our barman for the night, Jim, and started learning about the history of Revolution and all about the cocktails. 

We started off with a classic cocktail and a Revolution classic. The Blank Canvas cocktail is designed to be personalised with any of the 30 flavours of vodka available. I've tried this before with the pear drop vodka and weirdly when Jim asked me to pick a number between 1 and 30, I selected pear drop again! Our classic cocktail was the mojito! Not my favourite as I'm not a huge rum fan but one of Morag's favourites. Charlotte wasn't drinking that evening so Jim made her a non-alcoholic strawberry and mango mojito which really refreshing. 

Our next cocktail on the list was another classic - the Cosmo. This was actually a cocktail that was created 'for women' at the time when cocktails were considered to be a man's game. And of course sticking to stereotype, it's bright pink. This is a strong one, but a favourite of mine. The Cosmo is normally garnished with a lemon or lime twist. Jim actually set a bit of orange peel alight! Citrus fruits contain a lot of flammable oils and setting the peel alight causes the juice to spray over the cocktail giving a better taste. The more you know!

Now for the exciting part. We got to select one cocktail each from the menu to make. Morag chose the Pushing Up The Daisies Cocktail which is poured over candy floss to make a sweet, pink drink. I chose the 'quacktail' a fruity pineapple based cocktail simply because it comes garnished with a rubber duck. It's safe to say that I will not be embarking on a career as a cocktail artists anytime soon. Charlotte chose a mocktail to make as she wasn't drinking. We were then challenged by Jim to make a Strawberry Woowoo in under 1 minute 6 seconds (a fully trained staff member should be able to do it in 33 seconds). We managed to nail it at 50 something seconds! 

Our prize for successfully completing the cocktail challenge was a nice selection of shots (the losers prize was the nasty shots which I imagine involve the chilli one) which we took over to our booth where we spent the rest of the evening. We were treated to the party snacks platter which included bruschetta, dough sticks, chicken breast, chicken strips and potato wedges. Unfortunately, we'd eaten dinner beforehand and were too full to really go to town but I've eaten at Revolution a few times before and their food has always been really tasty. 

We had a great time making our own cocktails and getting to sample all the different types of cocktails. If you're looking for a fun, inclusive party idea then I'd seriously recommend one of the cocktail masterclasses as they're something unique and memorable!

Thank you to Jim and the staff at Revolution for having us!

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